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Have you heard of Zippies as a personality or sub-culture? Well, think about Groupies, Hippies, Yuppies, Yippies, so now add Zippies as those who are identified in a related category (note: "zippy" is a different word, see the "Tips" section). Here are a few ideas of how to be zippie.


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    Define the zippie as a sub-culture (see below for alternative definitions) that indicates a person who may live on a low budget (spend zip), dress informally or casually or even inappropriately in the traditional sense. If you have the suburban or nice apartment dream or ambitions to be a traditional business person or manager, then this is probably for someone else, another person.
    • Zippies received media exposure during the American 1972 Democratic and Republican National Conventions in Miami Beach, Florida, when the term was worn on t-shirts by counter-culture activists and groups working to end US involvement in the Vietnam War.

Consider these Options

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    Consider zipping-costs (to pay zip, zero): If you wish a lifestyle of being a zippie by seeking mostly freebies, live as much as possible on free food, read free books, use free software, or use library computer.
    • Eat fancy restaurant leftovers for free -- if you wash a few dishes or something?
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    Adopt an anti-Yuppie lifestyle, if that is you zippie idea. They are found as various youths who have taken up the term and may differ from the earlier groupings. They may interact with other "Zippie tribes" from across the planet and communicate, or just do their own versions as a group or individual life style.
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    Dress informally as opposite of the pinstriped, neck tied, suit wearing Yuppie. Be an informal computer-geek or technician (in techie culture).Wikipedia:Yuppie:
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    Adapt a Wired Magazine or Encyclopedia Psychedelica Magazine interpretation of the zippie to yourself.
    • "There's a new and rapidly spreading cultural virus ripping through the British Isles. The symptoms of those infected include attacks of optimism, strong feelings of community and lowered stress levels. Will their gathering in August [1994] at the Grand Canyon be the Woodstock of the '90s?"[1]
    • This is also revealed in the magazine Encyclopedia Psychedelica (EPi), that identified them as "Hippies with zip." EPi says, a zippie is

      "someone who has balanced their hemispheres to achieve a fusion of the technological and the spiritual. The techno-person understands that rationality, organization, long-term planning, consistency and single-mindedness are necessary to achieve anything solid on the material level. The hippie understands that vision, individuality, spontaneity, flexibility and open-mindedness are crucial to realize anything on the spiritual scale."[2]

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    Develop an alternative style based on this zippie - "a huge cohort of Indian youth who are first to come of the age since India shifted away from socialism and dived headfirst into global trade and information revolution by turning itself into world's service center" [3]:
    • See this one is more like "Zippy" (defined in tips below) as another interpretation reported by Friedman as found in an Indian weekly magazine called Outlook. They called zippies "Liberalization's Children," and defines one of that subculture as

      "a young city or suburban resident, between 15 and 25 years of age, with a zip in the stride. Belongs to generation Z. Can be male or female, studying or working. Oozes attitude, ambition and aspiration. Cool, confident and creative. Seeks challenges, loves risks and shuns fears." Indian zippies carry no guilt about making money or spending it. They are, says one Indian analyst quoted by Outlook, "destination driven, not destiny driven; outward, not inward, looking; upwardly mobile, not stuck-in-my-station-in-life."[4]

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    Work "for the love of it" if you want to--even for nothing: You would not necessarily work for the suburban dream, and perhaps with little or no earnings, i.e. doing zip for zip:[5]


  • The meaning of the "zippie (person)" is changing fluidly as a sub-cultural description or even a societal slur.
  • You may use this "zippy a: very quick or speedy b: strikingly fresh, lively, or appealing in style" - called a homophone (a different word/sound-alike) but that is not necessarily related to what this article is mainly about.[6]

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