How to Be a wikiHow Page Designer

If you would like to help people decorate their user page, here's what to do.

Be aware of wikiHow policies about user talk pages. Talk pages are subject to a different policy than User profile pages. Talk pages are a central part of the userspace on wikiHow and are a crucial element of our site. Many users wish to decorate their talk pages in a manner similar to user profile decoration or "page designing". There have been some cases of users employing particularly clashing colors, which can be difficult or straining for many wikiHowians' eyes. For this reason, the background and text colors on all talk pages may not be changed from the default, black text on a white background. (However, the only thing that can be done to the Talk page is the text be made bigger, if the requesting user would like.)


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    Add the Page Designer talk page to your watchlist.
    • Go to your watchlist and add wikiHow:Page Designers.
    • Then go to your preferences, under the User Profile tab, and select the checkboxes for "E-mail me when a page I'm watching is changed" and "E-mail me also for minor edits of pages". Now you will receive an e-mail whenever someone posts a question on the page designers page.
    • Whenever someone asks for page design help, answer by responding to the person's talk page, and if you feel you can help them, remove their request from the page designers page.
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    Add {{User Color}} to your User page.
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    Add {{User Basic Designer}} {{User Intermediate Designer}} {{User Expert Designer}} or {{User TD}} to your User page.
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    Wait for someone to request your help with page design. Do not go to talk pages and offer page design to random people, as this is considered a form of talk page spam.


  • Thoroughly read the steps in How to Design a Tasteful User Page. The article features some useful guidelines on designing and maintaining a clean, easy-to-read user page.
  • Add {{Page Design Invite}} to an editor's Talk page to invite others.
  • Add {{Page Designer Award}} to an editor's Talk page as an award.
  • See the Related wikiHows section for helpful information on how to design a user page.


  • Please do not change the background or text colors on your talk page. This is a violation of wikiHow's talk page policy.

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