How to Be a Well Groomed Indian Man

Gone are the days when grooming for men included nothing more than face shaving, a bath and well-pressed clothes. Indian men are facing a different ball game and it’s important to understand the rudiments and impress those around you.


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    Take care of your skin. If women can do it, why can't we? It shows that you care about your image and after 20 years your skin will be better than most men your age.
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    Practice proper hygiene. Shower daily, brush and floss your teeth twice a day.
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    Work out. A good body can go a long way. It grabs the attention of the people around you and you will be physically fit as well.
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    Shave. This not only applies to your face, but to other parts of your body too. Crazy back hair is a huge turn-off for a lot of people. If you do sport a beard, keep it well-trimmed.
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    Avoid bad breath. No one wants to kiss a guy with bad breath. Carry mints along in case of such emergencies. Chew gums after every meal to remove stains on your teeth.
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    Get rid of the uni-brow. Uni-brows are not very attractive, so if you have one, use a good pair of tweezers and pull out the hairs connecting your eyebrows. It will look neater.
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    Wear fitted clothes. This is key. A good-looking guy with sharp features could be overlooked if he wears clothes that don't fit him well.
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    Keep your hands and legs clean. Trim your fingernails and toenails. Make sure no dirt is under them. A dirty pair of hands leaves a very bad first impression.
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    Change your hairstyle. If you've been sporting the same hairstyle for the past ten years, it's time to look into some new trendy hair styles. Try them out!
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    Stand up straight! Don't slouch. A man with a good posture looks confident.
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    Make sure you smell nice. Use deodorant. For underarms, a roll-on is advised. As for cologne, don't wear too much of it.
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    Read men's magazines. These magazines have a lot of information about what's going on in the fashion world, so keep up to date with it.
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    Eat well. Don't eat a lot of junk food. Maintain a balanced diet that will benefit your health and your figure.
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    Polish your shoes. If they are funky, then see to it that they are once again in a good condition.
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    If you smoke or drink at all, do so only occasionally. However, it's better if you don't drink or smoke.
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    Try different styles of clothing. See what's best for you.
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    Use a firm handshake. When shaking hands with someone, look him or her in the eye and have a smile on your face. This leaves a great first impression.
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    Be systematic. Don't be shabby in your work or look. Take good care of your face and body and keep your desk clean.
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    Clear out your wallet. Don't fill your wallet up with receipts, coupons, credit cards, etc. Keep only the things that are necessary. Check if your wallet is wearing out. If it is, it's time to get a new one.
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    Sleep well. Get about 8-10 hours of sleep daily. This will keep you fresh and reduces the chance of dark circles under your eyes.
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    Take a bath every day, twice if it’s hot, and wear antiperspirant or deodorant to keep smelling fresh. Note that you can’t mask bad hygiene with deodorant though.
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    Use lotions and sunscreens designed for men to take care of your skin; softer skin is touched more often.
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    Brush your teeth regularly and invest in breath sprays or mints when you are leaving the house and eating out.
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    Watch the feet. Taking care of your feet and nails is also important, particularly considering the hot Indian weather you may want to wear flip-flops more often. Invest in a spa day to have them professionally groomed, and the same goes for your hands.
    • Even if you don’t go to a spa, however, there is no excuse for dirty and unkempt feet.

      Dry your feet properly after showers to avoid athlete’s foot and smelly feet when you take off shoes.
    • Wear absorbent cotton socks.
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    Shave the hair away. Hair in the nostrils, ears, wild chest hair and the unibrow are a complete faux pas. Now, we’re not suggesting that you wax every part of your body. The key is to keep things in check.
    • Trim your eyebrows regularly and schedule an appointment to get that back hair removed.
    • Trim your armpits and pubic region every so often before you take a bath. As for hair in the nose and ears, those should be removed completely, permanently if you can.
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    Smell great. Too much cologne is just as repugnant as body odor. You don’t have to use the whole bottle to smell amazing. Douse just a little in all the pulse places (throat and wrists) and the mission is accomplished. This is particularly true of the heavier and more long-lasting scents.
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    Keep abreast with the world of fashion. There are many men’s magazines on Punjabi fashion and what looks great on the modern Indian man: read them. You’ll earn extra points for knowing what is in Vogue and keeping with it.
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    Take extra care on your choice of watch, belt and shoes – those are the marks of true style in a man. Of course, you can always infuse your personal style into how you dress, and you don’t have to break a leg in keeping up.
    • Ensure you are not stuck in the same duds you were wearing five years ago.
    • Make sure that you always wear clean and well-pressed clothes.
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    Keep clean hair. Just because you are a man doesn't mean you should leave your hair dirty and flying around all over the place. Get regular haircuts and use good hair products to keep it clean, moisturized and glossy. Shampoo twice or three times a week and rinse properly, particularly if you use styling products.
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    Develop confidence. The well groomed Indian man must be self-assured and confident. Stand up and walk straight, shoulders back and chest out. Have a firm grip in your handshakes and speak clearly and with authority.


  • Spend a little extra and get into a good salon for your haircut. It's worth it.
  • You don't have to spend a lot of money to look good. Just be confident in what you're wearing.
  • These are not just grooming tips, but also tips for being a better man. If you can follow them, you can go a long way.


  • Don't apply to much roll-ons or Deo it will make other uncomfortable.

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