How to Be a Well Equipped Traveler

Be an equipped traveler; you can enjoy your trip only when you are prepared and here are the rules on being a matured traveler (in life).


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    Explore the destination. Gathering information on following list will be of great help.
    • Climate pattern of the destination.
    • Get to know the topography (water falls, lakes, mountain ranges (You may use the Google map)).
    • Explore the culture which people follow at the destination (Traditions, customs, etc.).
    • Check out the place for hotels/restuarants,shops, etc.. (Websites like can give you some knowledge on this).
    • The cost of living and purchasing of the place. Get to know the price range of the products that you may wish to buy so that you will not end up in running out of money.
    • The currency used at the destination (If you are traveling abroad).
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    Plan your trip. After you have explored the place, take time to plan your trip.This may include,
    • How many days will you spend at your destination
    • How much money you can spend
    • List of places that you want to visit
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    Pack the right clothes. If the weather is hot (places like desert), go for cotton and light coloured clothes. If you are traveling to a hill station, the weather would be cold, go for clothes that will keep you warm. Make sure you cover your ears and head with a scarf when you are traveling in such places.
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    Choose the right guide. Get the help of the tourist guides. Check out for the places to visit from your friend if someone is living there. Keep a map in hand (Google map will be of great help but also paper maps in case you lose network connection.)
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    Hold a Water Bottle. It is always good to have a water bottle. Keep refilling it on your journey. Take packaged food if possible. (You can have food in the hotels on the way too.)
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    Do as the Romans do. Listen to the behaviour of the people. If the people are too hospitable, don't take advantage of that. Don't be a "opportunist". Respond to people when they talk and laugh along with them. Be easy going. When you approach someone for any information, try to use their way of expression. Respect the place and culture. If they appear too serious, don't overhaul your joke. Avoid fighting back. You don't know them and the places. Most importantly, avoid spending too much time with strangers.
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    Talk to the right people. When you need information, reach out to the people who are more likely to give the correct suggestion. If you are searching for an address, ask the near by taxi drivers .They might have quite good knowledge about the area. Asking for information from every passerby may confuse you.
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    Don't put yourself in danger. Avoid places that have frequent occurrences of crime, natural disaster, or any other crisis. If you are bound to go to such a place, take the necessary precautions. (You may get the details of a nearby police station or who to be contacted if something goes wrong)
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    Be smart with money. It is better to check the price range of things being sold. When you search the prices on the internet make sure you search the most recent information like the testimonies or news within month.But nothing beats when you choose a place that does fit with your latest income.
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    Avoid Excess Baggage. Fees on logistics and baggage laboring will add to your expenses.


  • Check out with a friend who lives at or nearby your destination for her/his recent experience with the place (Weather conditions for example). This will help you set your expectations and ease your preparations.


  • Prepare and plan for your travel within a short span of your trip, like a month before you go. Because if you extend your preparations and for long, it might not fit the destination's requirement.

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