How to Be a Valued Anonymous wikiHow Member

There are plenty of ways to be valued on wikiHow without an account, although you won't be recognized for your contributions.


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    Understand the downsides of not registering. This is best done before you make hundreds of edits anonymously.
    • Except for Answer Requests, all tools in the Community Dashboard require an account to use. These tools include Fix Spelling, Recent Changes Patrol, and Tips Patrol. Some of these make wikiHow easier to use, and some have no anonymous equivalent.
    • You will not be recognized individually for your work. Only your IP address will show up for your contributions.
    • If you create an account later, your anonymous contributions won't be transferred over to your account.
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    Understand the wikiHow community policies, especially the Writer's Guide.
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    Dive in! The best and easiest way for anonymous users to help wikiHow is to write articles, so answer some requests, or choose another topic to write about.
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    Browse wikiHow and improve what you see. Does that article have egregious spelling errors? Fix them! Should that article be deleted? Nominate it for deletion.
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    Go to the pages where there are lists of articles that need improvement. You may find that you love to turn stubs into useful articles. These include:
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    Help other users if they need help. Try checking out the Help Team. People ask questions, you answer them!
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    Be kind and polite while leaving someone a message. Don't spam anyone's talk page or go around sending hate messages. Respond well to both appreciation and criticism.
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    Keep it up. You knew from the beginning that your work won't be attributed to you as an anonymous user, so don't get discouraged. Helping wikiHow as an anon is a hard task, but it's worth it!


  • Someone might see your good contributions and invite you to create an account.


  • If you're bothered by people being able to see IP address, then create an account. By doing so, your IP address won't be visible to everyone.

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