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Slytherin is one of the four houses at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and is traditionally home to students who exhibit such traits as being cunning, resourceful, and ambitious. With just a little bit of work, you can know how to be a true Slytherin.

Method 1

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    Assume the personality traits. Slytherins tend to be ambitious, shrewd, cunning, strong leaders, loyal to their causes, and achievement-oriented. They also have highly developed senses of self-preservation. They make wise decisions for themselves, so that they can have a good ending. This means that Slytherins tend to think before acting, so as to weigh all possible outcomes, before deciding exactly what should be done.
    • Cunning and ambition are easily turned towards ill purposes, but are not inherently negative; furthermore, daring, intelligence, and loyalty can as easily become negative.
    • The reason that Slytherins may be thought less of by people is perhaps because many of them seem to value their own lives more than the lives of others. Although they may not be popular to some, Slytherins are mostly good. Some of these traits may be used wrongly, but when put into the correct hands, these traits can do great things. The qualities which Salazar valued in the students he chose included cleverness, resourcefulness, determination, and "a certain disregard for the rules".
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    Dress like a Slytherin. Green and silver are the Slytherin colors, and will work great to get the point across, but are not necessary. Some students wore accessories on top of their uniform. Draco Malfoy wore a snake badge on his tie. Accessories with snakes or serpents are great, as the serpent is the Slytherin symbol. Also, all Hogwarts students wore mostly black and white.
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    Go a little sexy! Slytherins are notoriously sexy, the girls undid a few buttons and the guys... well, look at Draco Malfoy! Don't go out of your comfort zone, but a bit of smoky eye never hurt anyone.

Method 2
Acting the Part

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    Understand the Slytherin attitude. Slytherins usually take great pride in what they are and where they come from. If you are not proud of where you came from, find an achievement that can help you be more proud. The fact that they believe in themselves and have pride is one of Slytherins best qualities. They act confident and strong. They are usually very manipulative, somewhat cold, and have a dark sense of humor. Slytherins are not overly emotional, unless they ruined their family name. They are also close to their friends, and loyal to them, too.
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    Know it all. Even when you don't, make it sound like you do. Use all of the information that you already have on the subject, and apply it, then build on that. If people ask you a question and you want them to believe the worst, just smirk and walk away, and they definitely will.
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    Give a cold look. The cold look is a really cold stare. You can stare at one person and give them the nasty stare, as if they were a disgrace, as this is what Slytherins do as well. An example of this is when Draco said, "Nobody asked for your opinion, you filthy little mudblood." to Hermione. Don't ever take any crap from anyone. If someone says something bad about you, your loved ones, or something you believe in, tell them that they are wrong to their face rudely.
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    Be snarky. If someone interrupts, be like Draco, and say, "Nobody asked for your opinion..." and then say pathetic or an attribute that would describe them. If somebody replies rudely, and it doesn't fit your Slytherin Style, you can just raise your brows and walk off or use a cold glare and talk over them with your friends.
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    Have henchmen. You can have a whole gang with you, or have a couple friends near you. Two is the minimum, but the more you have, the better.
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    Be snappy. We can't all be friendly. That's why Slytherins make fun of people, and can be a little rude. Even if someone's not talking to you, you can still snap at them.
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    Get good grades. There were Slytherins like Crabbe and Goyle who were described as complete idiots, but true Slytherins like Draco and Snape were top of their class.
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    Be good. Severus had a heart, and Draco never really wanted his life as a death eater.


  • You can find lots of good inspiration in the books and movies.
  • Wear darker colors, especially greens and blacks.
  • Practice a sneer every morning in the mirror.
  • Be a kiss up to those in higher power than you. You never know when having the right connections can come in handy.
  • Act rude and confident; be polite only when it works strongly to your advantage.
  • Try to learn parseltongue.
  • Having henchmen is not a necessity, but definitely makes you the Slytherin leader. However, you can be a lone standing Slytherin, as long as you manage to strike as much fear as your henchmen usually would.


  • Don't be too mean. Remember, Draco tries to get people to be his friends; it's only Harry, Hermione, and Ron who don't like him. Victor Krum thought he was a nice guy, as did Luna for a while, and Fleur Delacour did as well.
  • Know that you truly are a Slytherin before you start showing it. A true Slytherin would not quit acting like a Slytherin because of people responding negatively to them.
  • Always be near your friends.
  • Stay away from all ex-aurors like Mad-Eye Moody, you may lose a few feet, grow itchy coarse white hairs and be a ferret for the rest of your life... unless Professor McGonagall comes in to save your butt...
  • If you take it too far, you may need to find some more people to be your friends. You can't always be like Draco and stick with Crabbe and Goyle forever. A true Slytherin is a heart breaker, so be prepared for the outcome. If it gets to be too much... just be a Gryffindor!
  • People might make fun of you.

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