How to Be a Teenage Spy

Two Methods:Establishing A TeamEstablishing A Spy Kit

Being a teenager is hard enough, but being a teenage spy is even harder. This guide will cover the various steps, tricks and tools you must utilize in order to become a successful teenage spy.


You will need to follow these steps in order to become a successful teenage spy (Teenage spies are between the ages 11-20).

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    Spies are very observational. They must have incredible memory, so if you do not, this will be harder for you. People mistake spies for being quiet and mysterious. Actually, I find it helps if you are very outgoing and always with the most popular people, to get the good information and find who to spy on.
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    Keep a hit list. If there is somebody you don't like, there is always something about a person they don't want you to know. This is what I call their 'Red', or their red light, the thing that is secret, and, sometimes, utterly humiliating.
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    Always have a good plan. You can't go on a mission, hoping everything will work out, because, guess what? It doesn't. A good plan would include: Start time, end time, who controls what, who controls who, cover story, and, obviously, your well-thought-out, full proof plan. A good spy thinks ahead, and has no fear or doubts.

Method 1
Establishing A Team

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    To begin, the first step a teenager spy must complete is to establish a team. An ideal spy team will have three or four members each with distinct roles. Enlist friends who are interested in becoming teenager spies, and are good at it. People who can be quiet,keep secrets and blend in. Now, assign each friend a role. The four key roles are the following: the Leader, the Diverter, the Collector and the Sneak-in. Each position has a distinct role that includes multiple responsibilities. We will discuss this later.

Method 2
Establishing A Spy Kit

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    Now you have your team established, the next step towards becoming a teenage spy is to create a spy kit. A spy kit should be a compact, light container filled with supplies needed in order to act out your spy work. Basic supplies needed would be spare cash (about $25 is enough), a cell phone (bug-free), a scarf (for a quick disguise), a tape recorder (only if you do not have one on your phone), a digital camera along with additional batteries,a dust rag (clean off finger prints), and a notebook and pen. These supplies should be carried always even when not carrying out missions or attempting to sleuth. Also, this is not something you carry around, but is essential to have: To be a good spy, you must have a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. Knowing a few languages is always helpful, so is being able to do semi-hard math in your head. You must be very, very smart, and have good common sense.
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    However, when carrying out missions additional items might be needed. Some suggestions for additional items are floss, string, tape, super glue, flour (for finding fingerprints),black construction paper (for fingerprints), Swiss army knife, flashlight, compass, safety pins, rope, and batteries (whatever type you use the most). Adjust this list and you will eventually know what type of kit you need for specific types of missions.
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    A spy kit should also contain distinct items needed for your position in a team:
    • Now for the 4 Main Jobs:
      1. The Leader, or Head Spy, should have a clip-board and an agenda for the current mission. This should be used to keep track of the details and inform confused team members of their purpose at that time. A Leader might also like to keep a stopwatch to keep track of time throughout the mission and a first aid kit in case of emergencies. ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR LEADER. YOU ELECTED THEM FOR A REASON, THEY KNOW BEST.
      2. The Diverter should have multiple disguises at hand. Possible items used to disguise yourself include scarves, glasses, hats, wigs, costume make-up and large sunglasses. Be creative and try to establish a few strong disguises to turn to in an emergency. The Diverter might also need props such as Girl Scout cookies, dog photographs, etc. The Diverter is usually the most outgoing, the one who has all the connections, and knows everybody.
      3. The Collector will collect all of the data and try to make sense of it. They will also collect the gadgets that you and your team are going to use.
      4. The sneak-in will scout the place out, and know the shortest, safest route to the destination. They will also be the first to go into the room, and give a signal. The Sneak-In knows the town like the back of their hand, they know where to run to make the escape.

Things You'll Need

  • You will need lots of different gear (watches, cameras, computers, knowledge, etc.).
  • BLEND IN. Don't wear all dark clothes when everyone is wearing bright ones. Spies don't usually wear dark clothes, this is a stereotype. Only wear dark blue if it is night. Black will only stand out like a silhouette.

Be inconspicuous, be safe, be prepared, be ready.

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