How to Be a Sweet Autistic Girl

Two Methods:Being SweetBeing Adorably Autistic

Are you an autistic girl in her childhood, preteen, or teen years? Does the stereotype of the sweet, adorable autistic girl seem appealing to you? Here is how to let your cute and compassionate nature run free.

Method 1
Being Sweet

Kindness is what drives the world forward, and showing your loving nature to the world will make it a happier place.

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    Do random acts of kindness. Just like you have problems that other people don't know about, everyone has problems you can't see. You never know who might need a pick-me-up. Here are some ideas:
    • Give random compliments
    • Hold doors open for people
    • Pick things up when people drop them
    • Smile at people
    • Surprise people with little gifts
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    Learn how to be a good listener when people need you. It's very helpful for them to have a shoulder to cry on. Validate their feelings and let them know that they matter to you.[1][2] Here are some useful scripts:
    • "Do you want to talk about it?"
    • "That sounds really tough."
    • "I can see why you're so upset. That's a difficult problem to deal with."
    • "Is there a way I could help you with that?"
    • "Would it be helpful if we told an adult about it?"
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    Go out of your way to be there for people who are sad. Hug someone who looks upset, draw them a picture, offer them gum, or pick them flowers. This will help them recognize that people care about them.
    • If you're shy, that's okay. Silently handing them a piece of candy or sweet little note can cheer them up.
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    Show your gratitude to others. People love to hear that you appreciate them. Thank lots of people: your parents, your teachers, guest speakers, the school janitors, anyone who makes the world a better place.
    • A helpful rule of thumb is that when you have a nice thought about someone else, it's good to share it. It will brighten their day.
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    Ask other people to teach you things. Everybody loves to feel like an expert, and asking for them to teach you lets them be helpful. Also, you can learn new ideas and pieces of wisdom from them.
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    Take good care of yourself first. It's hard to be helpful and sweet if your own needs aren't being met. Pay attention to yourself, and it'll be easier to be kind to others. Your health comes first.
    • Eat healthy food and get at least 8 hours of sleep.
    • Give yourself some quiet time to relax each day.
    • If someone is bullying or upsetting you, tell an adult. Your feelings matter.
    • Never smoke, drink, or try drugs.
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    Stand up for yourself. It's good to be kind, but it's not good to be afraid to upset others. It's okay not to please everyone all the time. You don't have to do everything that people ask you to do, and you always have the right to say no.
    • Speak up if you see something that you think is wrong.
    • You don't have to hug people or smile if you aren't in the mood.
    • Practice scripts like "No, thank you" and "I would prefer not to."[3]
    • If a situation feels weird or wrong to you, even if you don't understand why, talk to a trusted adult about it.
    • If someone doesn't listen when you say no, tell an adult you trust.

Method 2
Being Adorably Autistic

You can look the part of the sweet autistic girl by being incredibly cute. Cuteness is defined less by how you look, and more by how you act.

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    Express your feelings. Showing people how you feel helps them connect with you and love you. If you feel enthusiastic and want to flap your hands, do it. If you're sad, find someone you trust and tell them what's wrong.
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    Stim all you want. Your stimming helps you stay calm, focus, and express your feelings.[4][5] It is part of your disability (just like a blind person's white cane or a deaf person's sign language) and it's okay to be disabled in public. It's cute to be you!
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    Dress adorably. This can mean different things for different people, but it more or less means dressing in ways that make you smile. If you love it, that means it's lovable.
    • Wear your favorite colors.
    • Pick comfy fabrics that are great for stimming. Try soft fabrics like microfiber, breezy fabrics, or whatever you like.
    • Dress in layers in case you get hot or cold.
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    Do things you love. If you do things that make you smile, it will help you be positive and nice to other people. Read about your special interests, sing and dance to music, paint, build a toy robot, or do whatever you like.
    • Your special interests are very important.[6][7][8] Try joining clubs and meeting people who like your interests so that you can talk about them.
    • Autism is not just a list of problems. You also have remarkable strengths.[9]
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    Give yourself permission to be you, and don't worry about being normal.[10] You might look different when you stim, or not "act your age." You may have trouble speaking and snuggle with stuffed animals while you read Jane Eyre. This is all okay. A sweet autistic girl is a girl who isn't afraid to be herself.
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    Recognize that your sweet, autistic self is already inside of you. It's okay to be autistic, and it's okay to be you. You are already wonderful just the way you are!


  • Remember that "sweet autistic girl" is just a stereotype. It can be a big part of you, but there's also more to you. You don't need to follow each step in this article, and you don't need to change who you are.
  • If you're a teenager, you might want to start learning about autistic culture online. It's a very welcoming place for autistic people, young and old.
  • If you're not autistic, don't try to be a sweet autistic girl. Disability is not an accessory! However, that doesn't mean you can't be a sweet adorable girl.


  • Be careful if you search the internet for autism information. Sometimes people who don't understand autism well will write articles that say cruel things. They are wrong. It's best to read things written by autistic people. (WikiHow is pretty good about this.)

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