How to Be a Successful Sports Player

Becoming a sports player may seem simple, which is, when you follow a few simple steps.

How will you ever know you're on top if you've never been on the bottom looking up? ~Dog the Bounty Hunter

It ain't over 'till it's over ~Yogi Berra

I Live For This ~MLB commercial


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    Be a "go-getter". The first step to be a go-getter: Have faith in yourself! A go-getter is a person who can get things done and achieve desired goals, no matter how bad the situation is or how limited the resources are.
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    Contribute. Don't just sign up just to be on the team. It doesn't matter about your skill, but your effort and willingness to contribute is more important. Just go out there every practice and game and work at it. If you strike out a couple times, remember the saying "How will you ever know your on top if you've never been on the bottom looking up?".
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    Always respect the game. When pros cheat by using performance-enhancing drugs to boost muscle mass, they're only cheating themselves and tarnishing their sport. Most importantly, they're messing with the minds of fans nationwide. They are giving the wrong impression that it is okay to use drugs to make themselves better but, in fact, it is not okay to do such things. Every time they inject drugs into their system, their bodies are satisfactory in the short term (the large muscle mass) but they lose years of their life in the long run.
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    Always respect your opponents. Your opponents may be considered "enemies" on the field or court (whichever one you decide to play on), but they are still human. To lighten the impact of defeat, a simple high five, handshake, etc. and a nice "Good game" will be sufficient. It may not completely make your opponent feel better but at least you did your part. Even in rivalries, all that is supposed to be a fun competition and the game is supposed to be kept on the field/court.
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    Always respect your officials. Respecting them may come out good for you and your team. For example, in baseball, if you continuously yell at the umpire, the next time you come up, he may be apt to may a bad call intentionally for "payback". Respecting the umpire may lead to him calling "your" game.
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    Always respect your managers/coaches. They are the ones who have the power to decide whether to put you out there or sit you. If you want more time out on the field and less time on the bench, then you'd better make a good relationship with your manager/coach.
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    Help out each other. A team is like a village. You all need to work at it together in order to make the village, or team, perfect. Don't be the "village idiot" by being disrespectful, whiny, complaining, moaning, and unfriendly!
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    Create motivation. Every once in a while, cheer on your team, even if nobody else is. It is like electricity. You be the conductor for the "electricity" to pass through. It's infectious. Especially after a great play like a buzzer-beater or grand slam. Just shout out "Let's go guys" or "Pick it up guys". Don't ever be afraid to do so. Just don't go overboard! That may tick your teammates off!
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    Stay focused! Don't slack off because you see others doing it. Being successful means doing above and beyond what you are told.


  • Don't be afraid to try a new sport. There is a good chance that if you are having difficulty with your current sport, you will be better at another. Roger Federer could have just played soccer, but now he's a tennis legend.
  • Don't ever think that you are bad at your sport because of your "body type." Steve Prefontaine, one of America's greatest runners, once said referring to himself;

    How does a kid from Coos Bay, with one leg longer than the other win races? All my life people have been telling me, 'You're too small Pre', 'You're not fast enough Pre.' 'Give up your foolish dream Steve.' But they forgot something. I have to win.


  • Never yell and be too critical with your teammates. Be loose and give your teammates the benefit of the doubt. You could have been the one in a bad situation in which case you would have wanted people to be understanding and supportive.

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