How to Be a Successful Property Manager

There are a plethora of reasons why property managers and real estate investors across the nation have failed with their business. When property maintenance suffers and tenant satisfaction drops, so does your bottom line. Without the right approach and necessary tools in place your financial future can be cloudy. Every business has its ups and downs, so there are secrets that the most successful property managers have to follow in order to avoid bitter failures.


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    Do your research. Knowing the current market and industry trends is vital when determining you as an expert in the field.
    • Develop an analysis, list your weaknesses and strengths. If you run a property management company, you have to know your competitors and make sure to consistently check up on them, analyse their rates and services they provide.
    • Determine what will help you to stand out from the crowd and highlight your strengths. Don’t hesitate to spend time on researches as they can help you to stay up with your business. There are a lot of great resources that will help you find necessary information like BiggerPockets and
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    Brand yourself. Share newsworthy updates about your business with your tenants, prospects, neighbors, and anyone who can help you grow as a professional. Join local associations like the NARPM or National Apartment Association to network with other business leaders. Share your knowledge with the media and apply for awards to highlight your successes.
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    Keep up your reputation. It's crucial to utilize social media to interact with people who are talking about you, whether these comments are positive or negative, as they bring light to what you’re doing wrong and what you can improve on. Negative comments also allow you to show off your dedication to customer satisfaction and excellent customer service. If you feel that you have to apologize - apologize and state how and when you are going to correct it. Keep your audience engaged with an authentic conversation. If you’re just about to start, first select one platform that you think best fits your business needs. Choose among Facebook, Google+ LinkedIn, or Twitter and make a plan describing your goals and what exactly you want to accomplish.
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    Market online. The internet is the first place where people will look for your rentals. Make sure your marketing website is up-to-date and contains the information that people are looking for. Pay attention to SEO (Search engine optimization) to make your website appear more frequently in the search results. Keep pace with the latest rules that search engines like Google and Bing are currently using. Start your own blog as content marketing is one of the best ways to promote your business online, write publications and submit news releases. Unique, fresh and relevant content increases your website SEO and the chances of coming up in a search engine results pages. Utilize keywords that your prospects will be searching for.
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    Invest in your employees. If you own a property management company you should pay attention to your employees as each person you hire is an investment in the success of your business. Instill in your team members the value and importance of their jobs. Each of your employee represents your company through their professionalism, skills, and customer service. To your tenants, they are the face of your company.
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    Choose the right software. The right property management software solution is critical for your success, as it will help you eliminate redundant processes and cut costs by minimizing manual entries and other errors. Property management software can help you keep track of all financial operations, documentation, leases, work orders and streamline reporting effortlessly. There are several good solutions which offer features such as online payments, work orders, leases, marketing website for each landlord, online accounting, free iOS app, etc.

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