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If you are a student, parent or your job just requires you to dedicate time from home, it is a convenient work situation. Top reasons workers want to work from home is the freedom to set their own schedule, saving money by avoiding commute and lunch specials, and when done properly, more productive productivity. However, without set boundaries it’s easy to veer off track with distractions like television and household chores. Our families and friends If you are one of 30 million Americans that work from home you understand the many benefits and obstacles that come along with working from home. If you have decided to become a telecommuter, even part time, you can learn to maximize your production using these simple instructions


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    Create A Work Space. This doesn’t have to be a separate room, instead just a designated space that will act as your center of operations. This space should be able to accommodate all your supplies, so when you sit down you can jump right into work mode. Another plus of a home work space: tax deduction on maybe everything you buy for your home office and some of your utility and rent bills too.
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    Dressing The Part. Different things work for different people. If a shower, your favorite sweats and a cup of coffee is all you need to get into work mode, that’s great. If you feel most confident doing conference calls in your underpants, that’s great too; working from home gives us a comfort that allows us to get our game face on. The dress code is your prerogative, but a nice blouse or button up for a professional video call is required to maintain your image as a professional in your field. As well, you may not come in contact with your professional contacts often, but that is no excuse to ignore our personal hygiene.
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    Join The Conversation. Working from home isn't about cutting yourself off from the world. You should actually be connecting by networking through social media platforms. In a conventional work setting you have the watercooler to catch up with other employees. When you are at home and starved for conversation, take a break to go online and join a networking group. Keep your online profiles up to date with your professional accomplishments. You never know what professional opportunity is lurking on your online profile.
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    Leave The Conversation. In a conventional workplace it would detrimental to your future at the company if you were sitting at your desk posting all day. Same rule applies when working from home. There’s no boss to check your work progress, and your computer doesn't have website blocks on it; getting sucked into the latest trending Twitter hashtag is so easy. The solution is simple: turn off the Wi-Fi. If you need internet connection to work then try a web-blocker.
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    Set Your Boundaries. When you work from home a drawback has to manage the many distractions of your home life. Your mom thinks you’re sitting on the couch watching reality show reruns. Your friends think it’s completely acceptable to call whenever they have some downtime from their work lives. Or people just come over to hang because you’re “at home.” You may be physically in your home, but you’re also at work. Set office hours and stick to them. When you respect your work hours the people in your life will begin to recognize that you’re at work and respect those boundaries too.
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    Do Lunch Right. Frequently running to the refrigerator for a snack happens when we’re at home all day. Donuts, chips and energy drinks may fill the vending machine in a conventional work space. Fill your kitchen with sensible, healthy options. When you feel good on the inside, you will be much more productive in your work endeavors. Invest in protein rich foods that will increase your focus and energy naturally.
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    Track Your Work Hours. When 6pm rolls around, you shouldn't be confused about you did that work day. Divide your work schedule into time intervals. Work intensely for a set amount of time then take a five-minute break. A lot more business will get done focusing on one thing at a time rather than multitasking at half speed for twice as long.


  • A desk, your bed or even a couch will do. Invest in a fold up desk, so when you’re not “at work” you can put the desk out of site and out of mind.
  • Shower and change clothes regularly. Keep your home and work space uncluttered because a messy environment is distracting.
  • Create a "Google Hangout" with other work-from-home friends. Exchange ideas, and find other people that have similar experiences when you share how much love working from home with your followers on "Twitter" or "Facebook".
  • The web-blocker "StayFocused" is a productivity extension for "Google Chrome" that restricts the time you spend on time-wasting websites.
  • Set your phone to “Do Not Disturb” until after 5 p.m. and do not return personal texts or calls until then.
  • Fill your fridge with yogurts, fruits, nuts, whole wheat and salads. Swap out that afternoon coffee for a smoothie.
  • Set a timer for 30 minutes and bust out your best work until the timer dings, and then take a five minute break. There are mobile and web apps that can log how much time is spent on tasks, making it easy to add up hours and see how much work got done.
  • Make a list of what needs to get done, and a plan of how to complete each task.
  • Back up your work.
  • Don’t schedule or go to non-work appointments in the middle of the day.
  • Check in with co-workers and boss.


  • Working at home can cause reclusive behavior. Change up your environment by getting out of the house to work sometimes. Try a coffee shop that offers free WiFi or an empty room in a library.
  • Don’t just rely on flash drives. Use a cloud storage service, like "Google Drive" or "Dropbox", to access your work from anywhere with an Internet connection.

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