How to Be a Starkidd

The "starkidd" style is known from icons such as Videokidd, Dizzi, Squeak and has a twist of scene and harajuku.


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    Start listening to electro music and remixes of pop music. Good bands to like would be Dragonette, Toybox, Freezepop and Kidd Kishore. Try to search for those artists at Myspace.
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    Of course, get yourself a myspace account. Premade layouts are no go's! Try to learn basic CSS or use a generator. Don't be afraid of using tons of colours. Well, when your layout is done, add text. Use quotes, small cute pixel pictures, and add pictures of yourself who isn't in your picture albums. Put a lot of text in different fonts, colours and types. Don't be afraid of LOTS of pictures, painting, graffiti tags etc.
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    Get some crazy hair. Get different coloured dreads, use falls, clip on/off bang or anything like that. A good idea would to have your hair bleached blonde all the time, so you can colour areas with neon Manic Panic (or other brand) hair dye. Add lots of weird hair accessories to your hair.
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    Spell like your 10 years old. In words like you or yours, try to spell them yoo/yoors. But don't copy other people, make up your own way to spell things.
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    Be very cheerful.
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    Get some DIY. Jewellery like Sugar and Spice or other brands, and clothing from Johnny wishes etc. Well, look around Myspace or at . Then, "model" a bit for the brands. Take pictures with your purchases.
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    Become "famous". Add people, make "deals" like; If I'm in your top friend, your in mine etc.
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    Study harajuku girls and adapt their trends
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    Get a lot of friends. Scene kids and emos are acceptable. But don't only go with them. See if you can find all sorts of friends. Scene boyfriends are the best.
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    Get yourself a cute nickname. Example: RocketDaisy, StarTrash, Videokidd, LITEBRITE, CandyBitch etc. Don't copy other people. Don't use your real name, if you can get out of it. Kelsey Glamour etc. is supposed to be a scene kid thing, so don't go there!
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    Keep your real name PRETTY hidden. Don't show it off to much. It can be on your large and long myspace profile, but don't scream it out.


  • Try to make your own jewelry
  • If your good of making something DIY try to sell
  • Don't change too quick - people will call you a poser

Things You'll Need

  • Basic knowledge in CSS
  • Cute and different clothing

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