How to Be a Spy With Friends

Do you enjoy spying on family members, strangers, or suspicious people? Even though the occasional random mission is fun, here are some ways to make your own spy dreams a reality.


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    Set-up your spy group You will need a trustworthy 2-5 person group. Everyone in the group has to be willing to be a spy that won't run off to expose important information and valuable evidences. Make sure your group member are reliable people that will act smartly on the spot. The group also needs to stay small because if it gets too big, you will not be able to keep track of people, what's going on, who's where, etc. Also, don't have people with the same name, or else it will get confusing.
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    Find a Location. It's good to have a place to keep your gear when not in use, hold meetings, and just talk in private without worrying about the nosiness of certain people in public places. Your hideout should be somewhere that's easy to access for all group members, and can be:
    • An old shed
    • A group member's bedroom
    • The woods
    • A group member's backyard
    • A tree house
    • A closet
    • A room that isn't used often by a lot of people
    • Anywhere suitable for the job and private
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    Get some gear To be a good spy, you and your friends must have gear that will help with missions. You may decide looking into getting the following will help with your spying career:
    • ID Cards (You can make them, or have them printed. These will come in handy with identifying members during meetings or missions)
    • Backpacks (Nobody wants to lug around all their stuff, especially when you have to keep quiet!)
    • Notebooks (Sometimes a notebook is just what you need when you're hiding behind a bush, trying to remember what the person being spied on is saying)
    • Tape recorder (It may be a better choice than the notebook if you have one lying around, as it will be much easier to record conversations.)
    • Binoculars (Always good when the action is happening far away)
    • Walkie-Talkies or Earpieces (Very convenient for communication)
    • Disguises: dresses, wigs, glasses (Good for being someone you're not!)
    • Clothing : Camouflage or dark blue clothes if in the night. (never wear black at night, your silhouette will be outlined.)
    • Anything else you think your spy group would benefit from having.
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    Find your first "victim" The victim is the person you will be watching and spying on. This person can be a random family member or friend if you're being spies just for the fun of it, or a suspicious person that you think may need a bit of watching. Just make sure, you and your friends are spying at your own risk. It's important to be very careful and stay away from anyone potentially dangerous. If you believe that your "victim" is actually may be a bad person that will harm you, stay away and call the police.Make sure that when your spying you have all your gear ready, and usable. Never try anything dangerous like trying to climb a roof, spying on someone who could seriously hurt you, etc


  • Make sure your friends aren't the kind that tell your secrets.
  • Plan ahead. Know what you're getting yourself into.
  • Keep what you're doing a secret!
  • In case you do get into trouble, make sure you have a backup plan.
  • Try not to make obvious mistakes, act casual, but be vigilant
  • Don't go anywhere you aren't supposed to be because trespassing is illegal.
  • Getting caught can end up in the police being called, or someone being scared to death.
  • Make sure that you stay hidden, and review all possible dangers and scenarios with your buddies.
  • Don't get into any real trouble.
  • Arrange specific meeting times. Randomize them so you cannot be spied upon yourself!
  • Use Google Map, Wikimapia or Google Earth to find any location easily for Spying Mission.


  • Don't use these tips to do anything illegal.
  • Try not to annoy anyone too much. Spying isn't fun if the person you're spying on knows you are and doesn't like you spying on them.
  • You may get caught if not careful.
  • Don't spy on people who look dangerous, and make sure you are a great distance away from strangers.

Things You'll Need

  • Walkie Talkies or Earpieces
  • Disguises-fake mustaches, wigs, garish bow ties, etc.
  • Binoculars
  • Tape recorders
  • Notebooks
  • Backpacks
  • ID Cards

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