How to Be a Spiritual Winner

Four Parts:Tallying Up Your Spiritual QuotaBeing Spiritually InclinedDealing with Life's Malevolent MomentsBeing an Ongoing Spark of Light

In life, there may be times when you lose yourself and feel out of control. It might be hard to feel like a winner when everything around you is causing you to feel like you're not. Simply following these tips will help you feel spiritually at peace with yourself and your surroundings.

Part 1
Tallying Up Your Spiritual Quota

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    Realize just how much your spiritual CV counts. The manner in which you lived, loved and related here will count toward your spiritual CV, meaning that such negative actions as murdering, destroying, pillaging and disparaging others are never excused by spiritual choices. You know better, you have a big brain for, so use it wisely to be considerate of leaving other people in as good a place as possible, not worse off.
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    Remember that in life, you're always a winner. As long as you follow your virtues, and live in your truth, you will be given beautiful gifts in return for simply going about your life. When you're positive, you're automatically in control.

Part 2
Being Spiritually Inclined

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    Embrace your purpose. What do you feel is your spiritual purpose in life? Is it to be the backbone for everyone around you, or to help others? Whatever your purpose may be, live that purpose and never try to fight it! Live within the moments where you feel the happiest.
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    Remember life's ultimate purpose. Some people are meant to be in your life so you can learn something beautiful, and begin a new chapter. Perhaps you will even be meant to stay with them for the rest of your life. When someone doesn't easily leave your life, think about it carefully. Perhaps they were meant to stay there.
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    Take into account that where your attention goes, your spiritual energy flows. So, make your focus positive. Remember that in life, there is no 'good' or 'bad', as such. There is only life's will, and what is meant to be. Accept the bad in stride with the good, because it is all going to make you stronger, and bring you to a better place in the end.
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    Live "the now" with enthusiasm. That means, don't take life too seriously. Implement a rule of "10 seconds" for worry, anger, frustration etc., then letting go, as a way of controlling the negativity in your life. Limit your anger or worry to 10 seconds a day to take control of the negativity in your life .
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    Realize that positive cynicism is always useful. That is, be positive but don't be blind to what can go wrong in life because plenty can. Yet, with good planning, forethought and consideration of the consequences, then you can manage what doesn't work out.
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    Look your best every day. When you're dressed and looking good, you're prepared for the day and anything that may come your way. Being ready lets you be more decisive, and it lets you be spontaneous with your plans. Plus, it can boost confidence.
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    Use your intelligence with benevolence and vice versa. Putting your EQ into high action enhances your IQ and makes people like you a great deal more. Learn to balance emotions with reason, for neither is king of your soul but both play their role.

Part 3
Dealing with Life's Malevolent Moments

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    Know when to admit it and quit it. This is a really helpful maxim. Look to your own personal vice and revoke the disasters you've created, if at all possible.
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    Mentally liberate yourself. When people walk away, make sure you've uplifted them in some way. Whether that be making them happy, making them laugh, or giving them assistance, free them and do them a kind act.
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    Look for win/win situations. Avoid making win/lose or lose/lose situations an inevitability. Nobody wants those as the outcome. Be a good source of compromise.
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    Incorporate a good deal of self compassion into your life. This is far more helpful than self pity, which causes other people to run miles away from you and does nothing to help you dig your way back out of that ditch. Self compassion is about being kind to yourself, respecting that what you're going through is hard but you're never alone in life's adversities and is also about being mindful that you matter and deserve care and a break from self-criticism.
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    Remember that all negative forces want you to be unhappy. That's their job! This doesn't mean you have to succumb to their job description as if it's also yours, because it most distinctly isn't. Your job description is to be self-compassionate, boundary-creating, composed and hopeful. And maybe adventurous too, to travel beyond the negative things you'll inevitable bump into along the way.

Part 4
Being an Ongoing Spark of Light

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    Paint your world mentally positive every day. Use your vast imagination to come up with endless permutations of positive ways of viewing the world, your life and your place in the world and beyond.
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    Go forth positively, enjoying all you can and spreading joy.
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    Make complimentary premonitions about the beauty about to unfold in the lives of other people. Let them all be positive. Do you feel a certain way? Then write down what you think may happen in the future, even if you feel it's out there.
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    Be a neutral partner to life. Let life take you where life wants you to go, and end up where you are meant to be. Don't let false notions make you negative. Stay as neutral as you can in your daily affairs, because everything is subject to change. Just ride the wave.

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