How to Be a Sniper in Operation Flashpoint Elite

Snipers are very valuable commodities in any first person shooter, and Operation Flashpoint Elite is no exception. A good sniper will be able to kill in a single, devastating shot.


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    Find a comfortable position overlooking a road or open field that is heavily traveled.
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    Kneel or go into a prone position and stay there until you see a juicy target (a Ural moving cautiously down a road is a good target). When you see the target, aim at the head. Soldiers wear helmets, but they can't stand up to a 7.62mm round.
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    Slightly depress the trigger and wait for your scope to steady. When the time is right, take him out in one shot. After you take the shot, move. Enemies will know you're there and fire at you. Don't panic if they shoot, just stay calm and crawl to a new position.
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    Pick another spot and repeat the steps.


  • Whatever you do, don't miss the shot. A sniper's motto is one shot, one kill. Take it from a professional, if you miss the first shot, you will be shot.
  • Take down the one who has the weapon that can shoot at you with heavily damage. (For example: You will not shoot the one who carries a knife and let his friend carries a M24 staring at you).
  • Get some transportation. It can take a long time to walk around the islands, in excess of 45 minutes in some cases.
  • Carry a sidearm, as there isn't one in the load out.
  • Go for the person in the back first, if you hit the person in the front the others will be able to see the front man fall.
  • An example of a well-traveled area is an intersection in a large city, a road in the country, or if you're really good, an enemy airbase (enemy pilots are vital to the war effort, take them out whenever possible).
  • Try to modify your position like trap or anything that slows the enemies down.
  • Stay hidden by staying at a place has walls that more likely same as your suit.


  • Instead of calling for help, MOVE!
  • Don't go for the big meat until you are very confident in yourself.
  • Staying in groups is suicide.
  • Shooting too much will resulted of you got shot.
  • Your character stares at the scope and you stare at the scope through your computer (game) screen is totally bad for your health.
  • Don't be a camper.

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