How to Be a Smart Teen Driver

There is usually a lot of pressure on teen drivers. Parents pressure their teens to be good and responsible drivers, while friends of teen drivers often pressure them into doing the opposite. However, for the teen who wants to know how to be a smart teen driver, there are steps that can help make this happen.


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    Establish the rules if you want to drive well as a teenager. It's more important to keep you and your passengers safe than it is to look and be cool. You want to keep your license, so be responsible, set the rules, and remain in charge. For example, make it a rule that all passengers wear seat-belts and that there is no drinking of alcohol or taking of drugs. It's your life that is at stake.
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    Avoid distractions and remain alert if you desire to be a responsible teen driver. Start a habit for yourself as a driver to always keep your eyes on the road, keep the radio at a reasonable volume, and avoid using the cell phone for texting and calling. You may want to invest in a Bluetooth or another hands-free system so you can keep your hands on the wheel. Don't allow your passengers to distract you with loud rowdy behavior.
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    Don't fool yourself into believing that you are a great driver. It takes years to be a good driver, so begin your good driving habits now, and remind yourself that you are still new to the driving experience. Allow every driving occasion to teach you how to be a better teen driver.
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    Limit the number of passengers in your car until you have had more experience driving. The last thing you want is to try to execute a maneuver while 4 people yell out their two cents or become rowdy around you.
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    Refrain from allowing your friends to pressure you into diverting from what you have learned is good driving. They are not driving their car and it is not their record that is at stake. Remind yourself that you want to be a smart teen driver and consider not inviting any friends who try to negatively influence you while driving.
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    Make a habit of following the rules of the road when driving. You may have your license, but that doesn't give you license to forget everything you were taught. The way you continue on as a driver will determine how well a driver you will be in the future. So remember the rules you were taught, including not speeding, always using your turn signals, checking your blind spot before changing lanes and merging, and being aware and courteous of other drivers.


  • Don't be afraid to ask for more help. Being a better driver should be something everyone strives for. So consider asking your parents for help or taking more driving lessons to polish your skills.


  • Don't drink and drive!

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