How to Be a Smart Shopper (Teen Girls)

These days, everyone who doesn't have a $6 million income is on a budget. The thing is, for most families, only the essentials have become well, essential, so the fun things have fallen way by the wayside. But it doesn't have to be like that! You can still look fabulous and save money at the same time. Here's how:


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    Scope out cool consignment and thrift shops. Even if you've never shopped at a thrift store in your life, now may be the time to start. No, they don't sell old musty sweaters and things even your grandmother wouldn't wear. There are actually a few amazing ones--including some super trendy and cool vintage thrift shops downtown in cities. A good idea would be to Google "thrift stores" along with the name of the city closest to you, and you'll get tons of listings for great stores.
    • Even when thrift shopping, you'll still have to be, well, thrifty. Prices can add up quickly if it's a great store, so before you buy that sparkly pink dress for just $29.99, think about this:
    • It may look great hanging on the rack, but will you really like how it looks on you?
    • Will you ever really wear it? Try to think of at least three reasonable occasions when you'd wear it. School and church probably aren't one of them. Sure, it might be a great dress for that end-of-the-year dance, but if it's 8 months away, buy a dress then, not now. Chances are that dress won't look so amazing after 8 months of collecting dust in your closet.
    • Can you live without it? In other words, is it really worth that 30 dollars you COULD use to get a new pair of shoes or a shirt you'll get tons of use out of?
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    The key is to think before you buy. Never rush straight to the counter with the first things you saw in the store. Always try on clothes before you buy them, and never buy something just because it's a "cool" brand name.
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    Get some makeup. Girls love make up--after all, what's not to love? You can mix and match new brands and discover new products you'll love, and they make you look great. But the bad news is that make up can get expensive. Very expensive. Remember, you're not Emma Watson with a yearly income of $10 mil, so you can't afford to waltz through Nordstrom department store and buy whatever you want. Believe it or not, drug stores are a great place to get make up that's both a good quality AND a good price. As unglamorous as it sounds, drug stores are perfect if you still want to look amazing wearing the make up you love at a price you'll love even more.
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    First, write down the make up you use most often. Like the make up you wear to school, when you hang out with your friends, etc. If you're a make up fanatic, like most girls, and you can't go into a make up store without buying everything in sight, this list will be a big help.
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    Go into the drugstore and buy ONLY the things on your list. There will most likely be lots of different kinds of a certain type of make up, like eyeliner. There will be pencil eyeliner in all different shades, and liquid eyeliner in all different shades. If you want to stick to your budget, you'll have to pick just one. Narrow your choice down to the type of make up you want with the best price. See an amazing black liquid eyeliner for just $3? Buy it! See an extra amazing green liquid eyeliner for $7? Leave it.


  • If you absolutely must shop at the mall, try Google searching the names of your favorite stores with the words "discount" or "coupon". Hopefully there will be lots of ways to save money!
  • Common sense is the most valuable tool of a smart shopper. People who save money and look great don't buy the first things they see or everything they want. They buy what looks great, comes with a reasonable price, and what they know they will get lots of use out of. Use your common sense when shopping- it's in there somewhere!
  • Always try something on before you buy it. If you can, try make up on before you buy it too.
  • Organize a clothes-swap with a few friends. In a clothes swap, everyone brings a few of their old or unwanted clothes and trades them with other people. Say you absolutely fall in love with your best friend's old sweater, and she's in the market for a pair of your old jeans. You get the sweater, she gets the jeans, and everyone wins.

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