How to Be a Sloth Lover

Sloths are extremely popular these days, and are known for being very lazy. Why not embrace this laziness and become a sloth lover!


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    Get to know the sloth. Three toed sloths are a good place to start. They are interesting, and you don't have to go to the library to find out about them. Videos on YouTube are a great way to get to know how strange and funny sloths can be. You can read up on them in this Wikipedia article as well.
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    Get a stuffed animal sloth, sloth magnets to put in your locker, sloth t-shirts, and other sloth oriented items. Search eBay for sloth items.
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    Bring up sloths a lot in conversation. Don't be too annoying with your sloth talk, but try to spread the word about sloths. The more popular sloths become the more you'll be credited with their discovery.
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    Be committed to sloths. As this might seem like a fad, to a true sloth lover, it is not. Do not abandon being a sloth lover. Keep your sloth dedication up.
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    Learn how to draw sloths. Once you can draw them well draw them on everything! Folders, spare paper, shoes, whatever you want!
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    Adopt a 'sloth'. Buy a sloth stuffed animal sleep with it, keep it in your backpack, and love it like you would a teddy bear as a child, if you aren't one. You could also go on a sloth rescue organization and adopt a sloth by donating money. (In this instance you wouldn't actually see the sloth, but you would help it out a great deal.) You can find websites through a search engine. If you don't have enough money on your own try asking your parents or getting together an animal rights club at your school.


  • Express your love for sloths in any way you want to; these aren't the only ways.
  • Move to where sloths live.
  • When (sloth) having a normal conversation, randomly(sloth) say sloth in between (sloth) your sentences.


  • Don't become obsessed with sloths. There are other cuties animals out there as well! Even if you know you aren't it may seem this way to other people.

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