How to Be a Show Jumping PA Announcer

Ever been to a show jumping competition? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to call a competition? Here's how you can make that happen.


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    Go to a competition and listen to how the announcer says everything. It may help to bring a notepad, so you can jot down some notes. Also listen for the type of language the announcer is using, and the way the words are pronounced. You can always make a sound recording of the announcer throughout the event, provided that the crowd aren't too loud.
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    At the end of the event, ask the event officials to meet with the announcer. Talk about the event, and ask for any tips he/she can give you. Becoming well informed on the topic will make it easier for you to present the sport, and will make you sound more confident during the event. Ask the announcer if he/she will let you present the next event, but don't sound over excited . You should remain calm whilst speaking to the announcer, and he/she may let you if they think you have potential.
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    Choose a date that works for both you and the announcer, and make sure they can attend. Be sure to thank the announcer for their time, even if they turn you down. Chances are that they may not be allowed to let you, due to the security rules, or not knowing you well enough. If they turn you down, ask to sit in on their next event, so that you can get a better understanding of the way the announcing is conducted.
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    Arrive early at the venue, and get the pronunciation of the horses and their jockeys correct. Ask the announcer to sit in and listen to you, so that they can help you improve. If you make a mistake, correct it and move on. This can be a fast paced sport, so mistakes are inevitable.
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    Announce for the entire event, and ask the announcer to critique you during breaks. Accept the advice that he/she offers you, and try to improve on it in the next competition. If you seem interested in announcing, he/she may allow you to present again, which would be helpful for you.
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    Thank the announcer at the end of the race, and ask if he/she would let you announce again. Also ask how they thought you did, and if they have any advice regarding the whole of the competition. If you can record yourself announcing, as you will be able to pick up on any flaws you may have encountered. Make sure you listen critically, as flattering yourself will not help you improve.


  • Make up your own calls on a script and practice. You could use the worded commentary found on some news sites to help you.
  • Stay hydrated, a raspy voice will make you less clear during the competition.
  • Ask the announcer where the booth is before you get there. Getting lost is not entirely helpful on the day you plan to announce.

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