How to Be a Sex Kitten Like Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot is a French actress from the 1950’s. She was a woman far ahead of her time and she paved the way for sex-kitten style. Take a look at many photos of famous women today and you might find they hauntingly resemble Brigitte. Think of Claudia Schiffer, Pamela Anderson, Kate Moss or Angelina Jolie, all of these women have a pouty, woman-child look about them with large expressive eyes. No wonder photos of the young Brigitte are still considered beautiful today! This look is best if you are 18-45 years of age, have a slim yet curvy figure. It works well with any hair colour or type.


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    Grow your hair long or get extensions. Wear it in a loose, wavy tumbling style. Try hot rollers, a wide barrel curling iron, or else just wash and wear if you happen to have naturally wavy hair. Try to get a lot of volume too. Experiment with different methods and modern tools and products, see what works best for your hair.
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    If you want, dye your hair a golden blonde, or depending on what you look like, dye your hair a flattering color. Add some highlights, go a shade darker-whatever will make you feel more confident and beautiful.
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    Get a slight sun-kissed glow by using a little bronzer or fake tanner. OR, if you've got paler skin, work it! Don't forget to use SPF all the time, especially on your face, since sunburn (and premature wrinkles!) isn't sexy.
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    Play up your eyes. Brigitte Bardot had large hazel-brown ones, but every eye color is pretty-as long as you know what looks right on you. If you've got brown eyes, purples look great. Green and hazel eyes look nice with darker greens & browns. Blues look pretty with navy. To get Brigitte Bardot's eye make up, use liquid or gel liner (preferably in black) and line your eyes with it adding a wingtip. Make it a skinny line on the inside (close to your nose) and then thicken out. This is a cat-eye. If you want, you can wing it out past the end of your eyes. This is really pretty and flattering if done right. You may also want to do smokey eyes-blend black, gray and a lighter gray on your eyelids, then line your eyes with black.Remember, with these looks, try to keep the rest of your face bare (at the most, a little foundation, concealer, light blush, and a light lip gloss-try to keep it nude.)
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    Wear black mascara and apply it slightly heavier on the outer eyelash hairs. If you have thin lashes, try false eyelashes or eyelash extensions which you can get at a salon.
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    Tweeze your eyebrows into a slightly peaked, arch shape. Study BB photos to perfect this look. Her brows were not too thin, not too thick and a few shades darker then her hair.
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    Get lovely lips. If you already have lush, full lips like BB, just wear a simple tinted pink lip gloss or a pearly pink, peach, or neutral lipstick & liner. If you have thin lips, look into a neutral liner or lip augmentation. If lip injections are not your thing, try one of the new plumping lip gloss products on the market or experiment with different types of lip liner. Whatever you do, stick with a natural color on the lips, BB rarely wore red lipstick or intense colors. Her focus was always more on the eyes.
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    Study Bardot photos and movies and try to emulate her clothing style using modern versions or checking out vintage clothing stores. She was feminine and simple and liked little black dresses, lace, polka dots and minimal jewelry.
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    Get a pair of black sex-kitten high heel shoes. Go for a classic pump, or perhaps an open toe, a medium thickness of heel or maybe a strappy sandal. Avoid anything over 3 inches (7.6 cm), such as 5 inch (12.7 cm) clear platform stripper heels!


  • Raid your Grandmother’s garage or attic for chic 50’s and 60’s clothing! If she doesn’t have any, maybe ask her for some old family photos and look closely at how the women dressed. Again this is more for inspiration. You probably would not want to copy the exact outfits!
  • Have smooth, healthy skin. Steam your face once per week or get a facial for that radiant glow.
  • Age gracefully. Brigitte is in her 70’s now and still looks fabulous! She looks like a beautiful 70 something-year-old and has no obvious plastic surgery. Don’t try to be something you are not, otherwise you’ll end up looking weird in a bad way!
  • Go for a classic, timeless look which will still be sexy fifty years from now!
  • Avoid anything too trendy. Try a nice 50’s inspired halter sundress, a form fitting sweater or a cute hip hugging swimsuit.
  • Be sexy, but in an elegant way. Never look like you are trying too hard trashy, unless you feel the need to.
  • Dress sexy, but not skanky. If you're flaunting one asset of your body (let's say your legs), keep the other's a bit more covered. For instance, wear a cute, but not too mini skirt, ballet flats, a simple tank top and a cardigan.
  • Learn French or at least learn a few French phrases. Study French fashion, style and movies.
  • Lower your voice and learn to speak in a sultry tone.
  • Brigitte is a vegetarian/vegan and an animals rights activist, if this is something you are interested in you may want to explore animal rights issues. Don’t wear real animal fur. The animals used for fur are inhumanely treated.
  • Practice a wide eyed, come-hither, pouty-lip look which BB was famous for.
  • Don’t be afraid to speak out about causes you believe in. Brigitte has always been outspoken about her opinions. Some people agree with her, others do not, either way she makes no apologies. You can be beautiful and smart at the same time!
  • Have fun! Smile! In a lot of pictures Brigitte looks playful and happy or else has a gentle, coy Mona-Lisa smile.
  • Wear makeup, but keep your look on the natural side. BB emphasized her eyes but the rest of her makeup was usually understated. Red lipstick was rare.
  • Remember, use Brigitte as an INSPIRATION, not someone to copy. Use this to look good and be more confident, but still-stay true to yourself! Don't like the way Brigitte wore her eye make up? Don't copy it! If you don't like what you're wearing, you won't feel sexy or confident. Instead, use Brigitte as inspiration to try to make a certain make-up look your signature.


  • Leave a little mystery. Choose clothing which flatters but don’t show too much skin.
  • Don’t look too made up. BB never looked like she was trying too hard. She was never fake or stiff looking. She always looked natural and even a little messy. Her hair was never ‘too’ perfect and always a little wild and tousled.
  • If you can pull this look off, be ready for some serious attention!
  • Don’t go too retro, you’ll look like a thrift store exploded on you! Instead mix retro and vintage items with modern ones to avoid looking dated. Also, look for new clothing which is inspired by 50’s and 60’s looks.
  • Don’t go too blonde. In most photos BB was medium blonde or reddish-blonde, never platinum.
  • Be realistic, if you look nothing like BB then perhaps borrow some of her looks but maybe choose some other celebrity to emulate.
  • Don't overdo the glamour. Keep it simple and elegant. Save the big jewels, bright makeup, feather boas and sparkly dresses for a Marilyn Monroe look. BB was not overly flashy and relied more on her natural beauty and sex appeal.

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