How to Be a Scholarly Student

Are you failing your classes, and yet, you know you have the potential? Are a high-achiever, but have low motivation? If so, read this article! You'll become a boring, nerdy, anti-social, Scholar Student in no time.


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    Crack open the books. You can't be smart without the books! You need to start expanding your vocabulary for the SATs and ACTs. You should start preparing for college early in life by developing good habits and a solid foundation for math, science and English. Enhance your vocabulary at every opportunity. This will help you in school, on the SATs and in life.
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    Put your electronics away when you are studying. They do not help in the long run. They help you procrastinate.
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    Do your homework. This will help you understand what is going on in a higher grade without having to ask for certain measurements or data.
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    Do not put undue emphasis on fashion or boys. Who cares if you're wearing Marshall's or Baby Phat? You're smarter than that girl rocking Abercrombie!
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    Be organized! If your binder just opened and all the pages fell out, you have some work to do. Get organized and make your collection of notes concise, wise, and perfect
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    Concentrate in each class. It's important to concentrate during the lecture. Don't forget to take good notes and review them periodically.
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    Study your surroundings and all work habits. If you admire somebody who you think is a scholar, study them and their work habits. Do they mess around or study during recess. Do they have good grades or bad grades. Be wise with your choices and understand what happens when they are rewarded.


  • Always have notebook, pencil, and pen handy. This will help you keep everything in one place.
  • Help others in study. This will benefit you socially and academically.

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