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Eight Parts:ConfidenceHealth and BeautyGetting a MySpace NameBecoming E-famousLearning Scene LingoBeing TrendySocializingBeing a Scene King

It's not always easy to be noticed, but scene queens are very pretty and popular. What is a scene queen exactly? It's a girl who rises above all of the other generic scene kids and becomes a popular socialite. Do you have what it takes to be a scene queen? This article will help you to find out.

Part 1

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    Work on your self-confidence, as it's a well-known fact that scene queens are always confident. No matter where they are, scene queens think that they are the center of attention. It's all about them, all the time.
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    Know that you're pretty and learn to love and embrace your flaws. Its important to know who you are and know what you want. Remember whenever you get nervous, everyone is human just like you.
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    Don't get overconfident. Nobody wants to interact with someone who puts them down, or acts like a jerk. But don't let people walk all over you, either. You need to know just the right balance. A very important thing to remember is not to say anything that could make anybody nervous or embarrassed because we have all had those moments. Know that there's a fine line between confidence and arrogance.
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    Do not manipulate people for being different to you. An example of what not to say is, "Oh, I'm beautiful and I do this and they do that, so they are rubbish." They are just being different. Scene kids are very different so this is important. Don't be mean to other people.

Part 2
Health and Beauty

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    Get a source of income. It is expensive becoming a scene queen and you will need money to buy 'scene' clothing, accessories and makeup. Remember though, scene is very poorly defined and virtually anything can be deemed scene, if you have the confidence to carry it off. Scene, is what you say it is.
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    Start with your inner health and beauty. If you're ugly on the inside, you're ugly on the outside. Take multivitamins, drink plenty of water, exercise daily, do yoga, eat those vegetables and try not to take in so much meats and fats, especially sugar.
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    Make sure your hygiene is top notch. Shower at least once a day. Exfoliate your skin, you'll feel better and your skin will glow.
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    Use good-smelling lotion and sprays. Soak yourself in rose petals or bath salts, anything that smells good.
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    Make sure your face is clean and moisturized. This should be done before using any makeup at all. Treat your skin with the right products depending on the type of skin you have.


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    Wear a lot of makeup. Scene queens are known for their perfect, detailed makeup, so be sure to be good at putting it on. Use good brand such as MAC, Urban Decay, Clinique, Chanel, and so on. You want to use these high quality brands because you want your makeup staying perfect all day (and night!) long, not to smudge and look sloppy.
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    Eyeliner, eyeshadow, blush, foundation, and lipstick are musts.
    • If you wear fake eyelashes make sure they look right on you. If not, use protein and lengthening mascara.
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    • Eyebrows can be thin and jet black or whatever color you have. Lips look good moisturized and with shimmer gloss. It makes them look bigger.
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    Use makeup as your signature. Whether it be thin eyeliner with blue mascara and neon green eyeshadow or thick black eyeliner with purple mascara and black eyeshadow with tons of concealer, it's your own thing. Something that you design.
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    Its good to make angle wings (cat-eyes) with your makeup and bright eyeshadow.

Scene Haircuts

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    Get a scene haircut. Scene queens are supposed to be different and unique, and they must stand out in a crowd; having radical hair can do wonders.
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    Go wild! Dye your hair a bright color, such as purple or pink, then add tons of crazy extensions. Dye your hair a different colour every couple of weeks, and if you like the original dye job, then add some touch-ups every month. Creating or avidly using new dye techniques can rocket you up the scene charts. Try video's on YouTube.
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    Cut your hair yourself but this could end up a mess and this is not very scene queen. It's advisable to do small bits yourself but leave the big parts to the stylist. AS long as you think you look good then that's all that counts.
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    Fix your damaged hair. If you have damaged hair, get it treated and take care of it. A good way to help dry brittle hair is maxx moisture. Take multivitamins with biotin, MSM, horsetail, b12, folic acid, copper, magnesium, and then the vitamin should already have a lot major nutrients. Drinking tons of water can hydrate your hair follicles and help your hair stay healthy. Get your hair trimmed depending on the growth rate of it, e.g. if your hair grows about 3 inches (7.6 cm) a month, get it trimmed by 1 inch (2.5 cm).
    • If you're getting your hair colored, do not start out with bleach blonde hair because it'll be hard to get colors to stay when you dye your hair. Some good colors are jet black or stiletto black on top with light colors underneath. It doesn't really matter how you style your hair but the main traits of so called "scene hair" are a long fringe across the face, choppy crown, and long silky under layer.
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    Buy the right clothes. Online clothing stores, such as New York Couture, Glamour Kills, Drop Dead Clothing, Criminal Damage, Attitude, TokiDoki and Bleeding Star are very popular among scene royalty.
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    Don't restrict yourself to brand names; try shopping at thrift stores, as well. The clothing is about being different and about being comfortable with what you wear. This is important.
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    Try to be as different as you can.Check out Lexi Lush! She's super original!! Wear plenty of animal print and bold colors. Shirt styles can be blouses, band t-shirts, halter tanks, tank tops, really anything but it has to be fitted to your body to look good. Buy any skinny jeans that you can get your hands on. Print, characterized, rainbow, frogs, stars, ripped, long, short. Skinny jeans! These are what you will wear every day. It is important to have as many as you can! If you get ripped jeans get some awesome tights to peak out under them. Zebra or leopard print are good, especially colorful ones.
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    Shop at stores nobody has ever heard of and wear things nobody else is wearing. Being random is key and is especially with scene queens. Scene queens are glamorous and tend to wear more characters. Also things like the McDonald's logo are awesome and look very cute. Anything you can think of: gloomy bear, hello kitty, Pokémon, superman, batman, barbie, TMNT, anything anime. Just be different.


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    Get the accessories. Wear bows, ribbons, headbands. It really is about being different. Skinny headbands are good and huge bows are a must. Wear as many bracelets as you can.

Part 3
Getting a MySpace Name

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    Get a MySpace page. Constantly update on your life to keep people interested. Blog daily, be active, take pictures, etc. Accept friend requests of people you know.
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    Try to make accounts on other popular social networking sites. Examples of such sites are Facebook, Buzznet, Stickam, and because it will only increase your popularity. Update and blog to let people what you're doing. Audrey Kitching goes on MySpace daily and updates. Add pictures to your main profile, blog, send messages, anything that means you're busy on a social networking site. Don't talk about it too much either.
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    Think of a good scene MySpace name.
    • Ask a friend to think of a few words to describe you that start with the same letter as your name. Then get a piece of paper and write it r scene at the front of your name, then at the end. Pick one you prefer and voila! You have your scene MySpace stage name that's gonna make you into a scene queen.
    • Use a dictionary and find words that start with the same letter as your name. Then pick one you like and do the same. Just make sure that your totally happy and comfortable with your name.
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    Don't take other names. For example, don't make your name 'hello-kitty-helena" as hello kitty is already a registered name. Also put the trademark or copyright symbol at the end of your name. Then look to where it has it then simply copy it and paste it on your myspace name. Think of names how Brookelle Bones did. Or use your first and middle name like Hanna Beth.

Part 4
Becoming E-famous

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    Join sites such as Myspace, Facebook, Instagram. Get Kik for when your followers want to get to know you. It's always good to know your fans.
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    Find a way to become e-famous. Audrey became famous because she dated Brendon Urie; Jac Vanek got famous by dating Ryan Ross and being a self-proclaimed photographer; Zui Suicide got famous by doing Trashy Life with Audrey Kitching; Kiki Kannibal became famous because she started coon tails (stripes in your hair) and because of the jewelry she makes. Aliza Xternal got famous by dating Andy Sixx from Black Veil Brides.
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    Develop your own unique style and start a trend. This is about being different. Think up creative ideas that are oh so scene. Be a little crazy. Do something that no other scene queen has done before. As long as you think it looks good, it doesn't matter.
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    Once you've struck on your brilliant idea and performed it to your look. Post pictures about it on MySpace, write a blog about it, and how you came up with it. This could send you high on the MySpace charts!
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    Be nice to everyone even if they hate you and/or if you hate them. Sexy Scene Queens are nice to everyone. Remember some people won't like that you are 'sexy' or that you identify or label yourself scene. Be nice to these people too, they can't help it that scenes aren't all the same.
    • Not everyone will like you and some may call you a poser.

Part 5
Learning Scene Lingo

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    Learn to use scene lingo, but don't overdo it. It's best to use the lingo when talking to friends, and not when talking to your mother. It is simple, just add words into your vocabulary, such as "rad" and "stellar."
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    Make up one of your own words as this will be very scene and different. Its all about using words from the 70's. It is also a new scene fashion to say yer like a pirate. The best way to find more words is to search scene vocab on urban vocab. This will come up with a load of words that you write into your own scene vocab. Just don't overdo it as you will get called a huge poser and only say words that you want to. If you hate all of the scene lingo then don't use it. All of this is basically up to you.
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    Get a professional to take pictures of you, as nobody wants to see a typical "scene angle" picture of just "another scene girl". You want to look like a real model, and if you do good on the shoots, you might actually become one. Becoming a model in a big plus in the scene queen world. (If this isn't possible check out How to Take Good Scene Pictures)
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    If you're useless at this as well then ask your parents if you can have a modeling party for you and your friends for your next birthday. But ask if you can do your own hair and makeup unless you know that the hair and makeup artist is a scene queen. Either this or you get a makeup or hair artist who already IS scene and knows how you like your makeup to come and do it. You'll end up with amazing professional pics on a real backdrop and it doesn't cost that much. You'll have a great time and everyone will love an excuse to dress up! Plus it will be a great thing to write about MySpace!

Part 6
Being Trendy

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    Start a new trend. Many scene queens become famous by starting new trends. Kiki Kannibal gained tons of popularity by starting the trend of putting stripes in your hair(coon stripes, or tracks), and Dakota Rose made putting leopard spots in your hair the new "it" thing to do.
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    Use your creativity and originality to start your own new trend, something that nobody or very few people have ever done before. If it is good enough, other people will copy you and you will be known as a trend setter, and make you recognizable enough to be considered a scene queen. The more original the trend, the bigger its bound to be.
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    Write masses about your new trend on MySpace and post many videos on YouTube showing how to do it and post as many tags on as you can think of. This will get you more hits and you could end up being really famous.
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    Make sure you have a camera. The point of joining all of those websites is to share professional selfies, remember, to take a professional selfie, you have to be a very proficient photographer. It's okay to just do your best with the selfies, remember you are trying to be a sexy scene queen.
    • Download a photo editor app, a good site to use is PicMonkey.
    • Only post the pictures you think are cute.
    • You can even get a friend to take your picture, sexy scene queens do this to get a better angle.

Part 7

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    Be very social. Don't just sit at home on your computer all day sending out friend requests. Go to concerts and clubs, and be sure to attend big festivals and tours near you.
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    Get out as much as you can. Go wherever you can. There should not be one Saturday where you are sat in. Save time for your parents as well though but make sure you get out there. See the world, explore, go to shows, go to pups/clubs/bars just get out!
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    Meet new people and take pics of everywhere you go to blog and put pics on MySpace. You want people to got on your MySpace profile, take one look at your blog names saying all the exiting places you've been and for them to say " WOW!"
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    Hang out with friends.
    • The most popular place to hang out is at the mall. If you don't live near a mall, hang out at another sexy scene sort of location such as a local park or pick a friends house.
    • You also should go to concerts when you can. Sexy Scene girls and queens go to concerts to keep up with recent music.
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    Get a boyfriend. Every Scene queen needs a scene king.
    • Don't like him because he is the only scene guy at your school.

Part 8
Being a Scene King

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    Get a scene King. No scene queen is complete without a hot scene boyfriend. Have him with you at all times and brag about your new scenery. But remember, boys have feelings, they're not just an accessory. Treat them with respect. Don't go out with the first guy you see. Meet guys at shows, clubs, or even at school. The ultimate scene queen thing to do is to date someone famous in a big band.


  • Get a good boyfriend. He doesn't have to be scene; part of relationships is to experience new types of people.
  • Never back down, and don't cry. Hold your head high when things to wrong.
  • Support your friends and they'll do the same. This is common knowledge, scene or otherwise.
  • Buy your clothes from Walmart, Target, and the 99 cent store. They don't have to be expensive!
  • Lavender Lush, Audrey Kitching, Leda Monsterbunny, Diistroy, Ashley Ashes, Karyna Katastrophe, Kandii Boo, Lexi Luxury, Katie Babyfacyce, Hanna Beth, Dakota Rose, SerenaRaquel, Brookelle Bones, Jenn Curbstomp, Hannie Dropkick, Kiki Kannibal, and Luna Fang are just a few of the scene queens that you've probably heard of.


  • Don't do it all at once, start with patterned flats, layered hair and side bangs, regular colored skinny jeans, cartoon tee-shirts, and of course wear jelly bracelets bows and head bands and light colored makeups do a little more each week and in about 2 months you will be ready for all out scene queen.
  • You may get made fun of. Some people may call you a poser or a fake and you may get some hate mail. Most of these people are usually just jealous. But if you really are truly a Scene Queen, this won't bother you at all!
  • Never use profanity in a harsh way. It will make you look ugly.
  • Don't do anything bad to get attention.
  • If people are rude to you, brush them off. Never pretend to be someone you're not.

Things You'll Need

  • Hair dye
  • Hair bleach
  • Hair extensions
  • Faux Eyelashes
  • Camera
  • Big Sunglasses
  • Portfolio
  • Fan site
  • Community sites
  • Accessories
  • Skinny jeans/colored jeans
  • Ballet flats/super high heels/converse
  • logo, foil tops
  • Neon Makeup
  • Band tees

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