How to Be a Scene Kid at School

So, you are/want to be a scene kid, but summer is almost over. That means that it's time to go back to school. Although scene kids are part of a fashion statement around the world, it may be hard to be scene at school because of uniform, makeup restrictions or just because you are at a strict school. Never fear though, help is available.


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    If you have to wear a school uniform, you CAN make it look scene with the right ideas. If you have to wear a dress, you can hem it, wear leggings underneath, cover your lower corner of the dress in badges and pins or even (if your school lets you), tie-dye it or spray paint it (see warning). If you have to wear that boring shirt, skirt and tie combo, you don't have to look just like everyone else, it is possible to be individual. You can shorten the skirt, change the way you tie up the tie, get a different style of pants etc. if you have to wear a blazer personalise the inside with badges and chains etc.
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    Makeup is a big thing. Scene kids wear a lot of makeup and some schools don't let you wear heavy makeup. If you can get away with it, go ahead and be a normal scene kid that wears the normal scene makeup. If you have restrictions, you could always just go with a smokey eye effect. Keep lip color minimal and don't go overboard. if the rules are very strict just wear mascara, eye liner and chap stick.
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    Hair is a big part of being scene. If you have brightly coloured hair or coon tails and your school doesn't accept outrageous hair colours, you can bleach your hair platinum blonde or deep black. Side bangs are okay, but have exceptions. You could also straighten or curl your hair.
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    Accessories. Accessories make up your own style, so go crazy with these. Include chunky bangles, jelly bracelets, hair bows, cute earrings, and maybe a new piercing.
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    Shoes are often a problem. If you can get away with it, Converse and Vans can work wonders, even pumps, wedges, the classic heel and ballet flat. If you have to wear a boring standard lace-up, get colorful laces that show your personality.
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    It is important to have the right personality too. Most scene girls are overly confident of themselves, and do not care about what others think about them. You could also be the shy type too.


  • It's not advised that you do all those things at once, ease into it and your style will soon be yours.
  • Be an individual. No one likes a copy cat.
  • People may think that you are a poser, don't be offended though. Just shine though.
  • Have fun.
  • Dye your hair vibrant colors and always look on the bright side and a pair of nerd glasses... it will do!


  • If you do choose to tie-dye or spray paint your dress, be careful to wash it by hand separately to avoid it leaking.

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