How to Be a Safe Teenage Driver

Finally - you've got your driver's license! But first, you need to learn the basics on becoming a safe teen driver. If you don't, you could cause harm to you or somebody else. That's why being a safe driver is so important, and that's where this article comes in handy!


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    Make sure to stick to the speed limit. Even if you are running late somewhere, don't speed. It's better to get to your destination a few minutes later than planned than to be in an accident. Not only could speeding cause an accident, but it could result in you getting a speeding ticket!
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    Use common sense. Wear your seat belt no matter what, and make sure not to get caught up in any distractions while driving, such as texting. If you really would like to do something, such as changing the radio station, wait until you are at a stoplight.
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    Be courteous to other drivers. If you see someone waiting to pull into traffic, let them in. Make sure if someone does the same for you, acknowledge it by a simple wave, a gesture that takes no energy on your part, but makes the other driver feel appreciated.
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    Don't drive under the influence of alcohol. It is illegal for you to drink, anyway. If you do drink, though, get a designated driver to drive you safely home.
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    Drive by yourself. Drive solo rather than with friends in the car at first. It is easy to get distracted when your friends are talking to you or to each other. For the first couple months after you've got your license, you might want to stick to just one passenger. Then the more you get the hang of driving, the more friends that can ride in your car.
    • Some states in America have laws regarding the passengers of a car driven by a new driver. Make sure you are familiar with these laws.
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    Get into "The Zone" while driving. When driving a vehicle, drive the vehicle. Get rid of the distractions and focus on everything around you, yet have a clear mind. Focus only on the task at hand. Relax your body when behind the wheel instead of being tense and stressed. Enjoy the ride. Enjoy sitting in traffic. Live in that moment behind the wheel. Smile and know your safety comes first and know you will do anything to preserve that.
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    Turn off your cell phone. Even if you have Bluetooth, it is very easy to get in a car crash when you are texting or calling your friends.
    • In some provinces in Canada, there are laws preventing the use of a cell phone while driving. Know if these laws apply to you.
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    Have rules in your car. It's your car, and when your friends and family are riding in it, set some rules for them. Don't have them do drugs or abuse alcohol in your backseat. Don't let them be a distraction for you. If they are distracting you, either pull over and talk to them, warn them that if they continue you won't drive them anywhere, or pull over and politely ask them to leave the car. Setting rules like these will avoid clashes with the law, as well as unwanted accidents.
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    Remember the rules of the road. Even if you do all of the above things, remember the rules of the road. Don't forget to put your turn signal on before turning, to check your blind spot, to look behind you before turning or merging, etc.
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    Take care of your vehicle. Make sure to keep your vehicle in good running condition. Change your oil when it's due. Some people let their car go thousands of miles over the oil change date. It literally takes 10 minutes to pull through an oil changing station and most of the time you don't even have to get out of your car. Take care of your car, take care of yourself, and enjoy the privilege of driving.


  • If the police pull you over, don't be disrespectful to them. It will only guarantee trouble.
  • Driving safely is the best way to get your insurance premiums to go down quickly. Being a safe driver can mean saving tens of thousands of dollars during your adult life.


  • Not following these rules could result in a car accident.

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