wikiHow to Be a Romantic Teenager

Being a teenager, and being romantic while you're at it, can be a little bit nerve wracking. No need to fret, romance is always in the air.


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    First, this isn't about hooking up. Mature teenage relationships are hard to find, because most of the time either party thinks the other doesn't want to be in a serious relationship, and things just get messy from there.
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    Surprises can be very romantic, only if he or she is into them. If not, try not to keep it a secret, but don't blurt out the whole thing.
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    While money can be important to having a successfully romantic night, it's not a necessity. Instead of dinner and a movie at the theatre, why not go out to eat, but come back home and watch a movie on the couch? Girls find it sweet, and guys get the advantage of being there for her if there's a sad part in the movie, or if something is scary. [make sure the movie selection is okay with your partner before pursuing a movie to watch]
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    If you're going to buy flowers, make sure she's A] Not allergic to severely allergic and B] Into that sort of thing. Some girls don't like flowers because they die in the end while some press them so that they'll last longer.
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    The key to romance is love, and with love there's passion, and that doesn't mean sex. Passion is the moment when you're kissing and the hug gets a little tighter, like neither of you want to let go of the moment. Passion is when you're holding hands in a public place and all you see is the person with their hand in yours.


  • Don't assume the other person is looking at another person. Just remember that they're going to be thinking about you before they go to sleep, not some kid in skinny jeans who has a weird laugh. [that's probably what got her attention anyways]
  • When in doubt, if you don't know what they're into, why not ask them? Talking about anything can create a deeper understanding and a more intimate relationship. If she doesn't like bowling, try to compromise; Ask if one game is okay, and then you can both do something she wants to do. And if he hates standing there while you're trying on clothes, ask him to pick out an outfit for you. You may find that there's something more to the both of you than you originally thought.
  • If you suggest going out, this technically means you're paying. Be prepared for extra things like snacks and a soda, always have a little extra with you. Better to be safe than sorry.
  • First date means big impression, just relax and try to have a decent time.
  • If you're comfortable with the person you should be able to talk about pretty much anything. Don't be afraid to open up, just don't open up too much.
  • Roses can be romantic, but in this day in age everybody buys everybody roses. Try tulips, lilies, irises or even orchids. They can be sweet, but subtle, and that's what you're going for, right?


  • Take to heart the parents, they worry and might get angry if you don't tell them you're going to be home late.
  • If it's not meant to be, it's not meant to be. At the very least you can remain friends who like to go out and do things together on occasion. If not, don't back talk the other person just because you couldn't find romance.
  • Always take precautions.
  • Never assume anything is okay unless said otherwise.

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