How to Be a Recluse as a College Student

So let's say you're a known recluse; you're that kid of whose name no one knows, and you like it. You don't like attracting attention to yourself, and you want it to stay this way. But you have a problem; people are starting to notice you. Not even necessarily in a bad way, they could be trying to reach out to you and be your friend. But you are proud of your obscurity. What do you do? How do you avoid your new-found attention?


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    Remain calm. You may be prone to this. There has to be some reason you want to remain under-the-radar. Just stay calm, and stay rational.
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    Be polite. If these kids are trying to be nice to you, do not ignore them or be mean to them. This will only attract more attention, of the negative kind, which is even worse. Respond to them, but give social cues that you do not wish to be bothered. If negative attention is what you are receiving, then skip to step 3.
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    Change your schedule if attention persists, or if negative attention ensues. Do not let anyone know you are doing it, unless your professor if this is required. People will forget all about you, and you can move on with your life.
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    Pay attention in your new classes, but never talk unless the professor asks you a question. Try to sit in the very back of the room, or in the very front, but never mingling with the other students. If you feel the need, try to take up the desks to either side of you (putting your backpack on one, and possibly some textbooks on the other). This will let people know that they are not allowed to sit there, and will hopefully ward them off. If someone is sitting behind you (if you sit in the front row), or in front of you (if you sit in the back row) and want to talk to you, simply shush them and let them know that you are intently listening to the professor's lecture. If you are one to get to class early, bring a hefty book with you, one of at least three-hundred pages, and read it from the very minute you sit down to the very second class starts. This will let others know that you wish not to be bothered.
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    Try to avoid as much interaction as possible by staying in your bedroom.
    • If you live in a dorm (which is not preferable; you are surrounded by too many other people). If you have the misfortune to have a roommate, never talk to him or her unless if he or she talks to you first. Always have your nose inside a book if you aren't doing homework, and if he or she wants to hang out with you, politely decline. Never leave your room except to go to class or for hygiene purposes. If others in your dorm want to talk to you, say only what is necessary, and then leave as quickly as possible.
    • If you live at home, you are much more fortunate. You can stay away from people by hiding out in your house all day and night. If your parents nag you to socialize more, just laugh and say that you have too much homework. Play the "you want me to be a good student, right?" card and give them the Bambi eyes. They will not be able to say no.
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    Delete your Facebook page if you have one! Why do you even have one of those to begin with, anyway?
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    Walk briskly with you head facing the ground if you're going to class or anywhere else for that matter. This will let others know that you do not want to talk, and that you are intent on going somewhere undisturbed.
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    Do an Emily Dickinson / Henry David Thoreau when you grow up, and buy a cottage in the woods away from anyone else. Now you are also a hermit!


  • To most successfully become a hermit, write for a living. You could write about your experiences with nature, or about anything at all, but you'd only have to ever interact with your publisher, agent and food supplier. Oh the joy!
  • Study in secluded areas (i.e., a corner in the library, a lone bench or an empty classroom). This can help with noise, avoiding unwanted interactions and other distractions.
  • Find ways to entertain yourself--reading, writing, playing music, doing Sudoku, or learning how to ride a unicycle--since you don't have anyone to talk to.


  • If you ever decide that you suddenly want friends, you may have missed your chance.
  • You may not have anyone attend your funeral when you die. Oh the woes of not knowing anyone!

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