How to Be a Raver

All you have to have to be a raver is a love for the music, a love to dance and especially an open mind.


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    Wear whatever clothes you feel the most comfortable in. This is an open-minded community that values individuality, so express yourself through your appearance! Try funky graphics, patterns and colours, and keep in mind that many events will have black lights to make neons glow. Also try playing with different textures of fabrics, such as faux fur or silk. Keep in mind, though, that you may get hot and sweat from all of the dancing you'll be doing. Don't feel pressured to dress in a specific way (unless there's an official dress code of course). Most importantly, wear whatever makes you happy.
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    If you'd like to wear makeup, great! If you would prefer not to wear makeup, that's also great! Some people choose not to wear any makeup due to sweat from dancing. Remember, everyone, not only women, can express themselves via makeup in any way they choose. Some people go for colour, and some people draw designs on their skin with makeup or temporary tattoos. Get creative!
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    Don't be worried about how to dance. If you think you don't know how to dance, you're only lying to yourself. Try to let the music take over your body and don't overthink it. You can find tutorials on certain dance moves and styles online, or you can scan the crowd at the event for inspiration.If you don't want to dance you don't have to; there's always a place to just chill and take a break, but a huge part of the rave culture is letting go of inhibitions and moving to the music.
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    Some people like to use glow sticks or battery-powered lights as part of their outfits and/or accessories. When you're starting out with shows, just hold them in your hands while you dance at first, and let your hands move naturally. Once you start feeling comfortable, play with them a bit. Try attaching them to your clothes or your body to accentuate the way you move, or getting EL wire and making your own light-up rave gear. Have fun with it! Also, try to practice in front of a mirror in a room. Watch the way the light flows, and use the reflection as a guide to improve your dancing and invent new moves.


  • You must drink water to stay hydrated. At least one drink per hour is recommended. However, don't drink too much; it can result in cramps from dancing.
  • Actually go to raves. A raver is one who raves. If you look the part but don't rave you are not a raver. You are a poser.
  • Bring money -- everything at a rave is overpriced! Water is usually $2.00, drinks (of any kind) are usually $5.00, and a pack of smokes is around $12.00
  • Remember to follow PLUR (PLUR stands for Peace, Love, Unity and Respect, which is a mantra of the scene inspired by comments made by DJ Frankie Bones).
  • Try to take someone that has been raving for a while to your rave, because it will be more fun and they'll know what they're doing.
  • Eat before the rave, because you will get exhausted. Eat something with substance (it needs to keep you filled up), and bring drinks and water with you if it is allowed.
  • If you have no desire to try drugs, DON'T. Raving is not about getting high (although some people find it adds to it) it's about the music, the dancing and the friends.
  • Have an idea what the music scene is like. Do a bit of research online or ask friends for recommendations. Explore the many different genres of dance music from house to garage and from happy hardcore to experimental trap. Try to not only focus on the big names of mainstream EDM and discover some up-and coming or local talent.


  • Drugs are a part of the scene. You don't have to take drugs,you can be a raver without drugs and if you do choose to take drugs you take them at your risk. Remember drugs ARE illegal and dangerous.
  • Wearing kandi and phats can also get you made fun of (but only by people who just don't understand the scene and image). But the thing is to be your true self and people will respect you for having the courage to do it.

Things You'll Need

  • An outfit. It can be as dressy as you like; just be sure it's comfortable for you to dance and move in!
  • Cash. Ten to twenty dollars is suggested (more or less if you're familiar with coat check and drink prices at the rave you're going to).
  • Friends (not necessarily required because you can always meet people there, but if you're shy, then bring your friends along.)
  • Glow sticks (not necessary, but recommended) and kandi if you're a "kandi raver"
  • Water or a sports drink, if they allow it. Dehydration is a dangerous risk of sweating and overheating.

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