How to Be a Rainmaker

A rainmaker generates new sources of income for his business by making connections outside of conventional, established business channels, and opening up new markets. In addition, a rainmaker turns connections into customers by getting them to sign the dotted line or buy the product that seal business deals. Though there are no conventional schools that teach you how to be a rainmaker, by reading and following the steps below, you can practice the skills that can make you the next rainmaker in your company, in any particular field.


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    Print business cards with your contact information, including your name, company, telephone number and email address.
    • Carry plenty of business cards with you at all times, and politely offer one at the close of a good conversation or meeting with a new contact.
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    Record an appropriate message on your voice mail that invites potential customers and business contacts to leave a message.
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    Wear appropriate business attire at all times. As a successful rainmaker, appearance is important, and dressing appropriately shows respect and inspires trust.
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    Train yourself to treat everybody you meet as a potential business associate or customer, no matter where or when you meet them.
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    Maintain a positive, informative but approachable tone in all your communications at all times.
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    Educate yourself by attending seminars, conferences and classes about your field of industry, and stay abreast of developments in the news that could affect your business and open up new markets
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    Be social and active. Be a current member of local, national and international trade organizations to build your network of business associates and potential clients.
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    Inform potential customers of the value of what you're selling. Convince them that your service or product is better than the competition's.
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    Negotiate deals and contracts with interested parties.
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    Deliver on all your business deals. Remember to give extra service in order to please each customer. Becoming a rainmaker means knowing how to retain your customers.
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    Enquire whether your clients could use your services again. Becoming a rainmaker means actively creating business opportunities, and successful rainmakers understand the importance of follow-ups.
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    Keep in touch with all your clients, and continue to expand your network both physically and online.
    • Use social networking to your advantage. Social networking sites are efficient tools to keep your business associates up-to-date on all new developments in your company.
    • Maintain email lists of your business associates so you can alert everybody in your network to press releases, news stories and special events pertaining to your company.
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    Review your own performance regularly. Successful rainmakers are known for being their own toughest critics, and they understand the importance of regularly assessing their techniques, business deals and networks.


  • Study other successful rainmakers in and outside your field of industry. Observe and learn their techniques to enhance your own performance.
  • Always keep notes of likes, dislikes, and other information about clients that could help you cater to their needs better.
  • Always be a member at least 1 trade organization of clients. By socializing with potential clients in this way, you gain more insight into the needs of their businesses and become a visible presence they can turn to for services.


  • Never rush, embarrass or ignore a customer. Regardless of the situation, a rainmaker acknowledges every communication and responds appropriately
  • Don't let the trail go cold. Successful rainmakers follow every business lead, whether it's to a deal, a contract or a sale.

Things You'll Need

  • Business cards
  • Social networking accounts(Linked In is the best option)

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