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Quakers are people belonging to one of several religious movements grouped under the title "The Religious Society of Friends." One of Quakerism's central beliefs is in the priesthood of all true believers, therefore, Quakerism attracts spiritual people who wish to interact directly with God, rather than with a clerical hierarchy. Read on below the jump to learn how to quake before the lord!


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    Examine your beliefs. Quakers believe that every soul can have direct communion with God. Sacraments such as baptism are not the center of the faith--instead, prayer and personal revelation are vital to the life of a Friend.
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    Acquaint yourself with silence. Being comfortable with silent prayer is a fundamental part of the Quaker experience--it is the way by which Friends believe one can come closer to God.
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    Learn pacifism. Quakers have always been strongly pacifist; they see war as something rejected by true followers of Christ.
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    Learn Simplicity. Quakers today don't dress as if they're from the 17th century, but they do hold standards of simple life and simple-heartedness. Fancy clothing, jewelry, foods, decorations, and speech aren't very 'quaker.' Be aware that this is very difficult to achieve--but once you have found a simple, fulfilling lifestyle you will feel rewarded.
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    Research. Make sure that this belief system is really the one you wish to subscribe to--The Quaker Electronic Archiveis a good place to start.
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    Find a Meeting (church). Joining a Quaker congregation seems hard at first, but they are a lot more widespread than you may think.
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    Pray. Do not isolate your life from your time of prayer--a Friend's life should be a prayer in itself, and a testimony to what God does in his life.
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    Serve God! Through prayer and contemplation, he will reveal his plans for you--quakers believe that God speaks to all people: you must listen in order to receive.


  • Although many Quaker Meetings are Christian, there are a good number of universalism meetings which do not subscribe to any given faith. You DO NOT have to be a Christian to be a Quaker, and Quakers accept people of all faiths.
  • Not all Quaker Meetings are completely silent. Many of the the Quaker Meetings, especially in the United States, are Programmed Services (pastor led or directed). These vary from congregation to congregation but generally feature a variation of a traditional protestant worship service: Led by a pastor, announcements, maybe a Quaker hymn centered around a period of Silent Worship. Visit several and see which is the best fit for you.

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