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You have seen many public speakers come to your school and you have dreamed the dream of becoming rich and famous. After all, you just have to do is stand up in front a bunch of kids and tell them a great message. You know all these messages. Your parents have told you all this stuff a hundred times. Don’t smoke, don't have sex, don’t drink and don't use drugs. Now you are ready to make your easy money. However the problem is that it is not as easy as that.


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    Learn all the laws and rules about public speaking. There are city laws, state laws, and federal laws. Questions such as “Am I required to obtain a business license for my job?” This depends on your city, but to be a legal business you will need to find the answer.
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    Find out about business types. Should I incorporate, should I become a LLC, or operate as a sole proprietor? Find out about why becoming a corporation or an LLC is a good thing.
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    Look into insurance. Will the places where I speak require me to have liability insurance? It so, how much will I need? Will they want me to have $1Million or will they require $5Million.
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    Check on the laws about working in different states. You may have different laws to follow in different states. So if you work in several states you may be required to have different licenses.
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    Find out the laws about working with a speakers bureau. A representation acting as an agent for individuals in negotiating engagements. Many say to you,that you have to make a lot of money to work with them. Many times there are laws regarding the maximum percentage of the money you are paid that they can take for their fee. It is usually not more than 12 to 20 percent tops.
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    Contact the state and verify that the company you are working with is on the state talent agency data base. The type of jobs you get will determine if the company needs to be a talent agent. Remember that a post office box is never accepted for business locations for licenses. Post office boxes are usually a sign that the company is not legal.
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    Talk to a tax man. The IRS has strict laws about who books you; there is always the problem of working you so it constitutes you being an employee, in which case they would have to follow the laws for employees.
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    Check with the school districts to see if you need to be finger printed. If so that is easy to do. Now your foundation is set to learn how to become a public speaker. You cannot do the second half without doing the first. Anyone who tells you different is setting you up for a fall. All laws must be looked into to avoid big problems.


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    Have great energy. Tell them your topic at the beginning. Never be loud but be full of enthusiasm. Avoid loud laughter as well. Do not mumble or speak too quietly. This is the opposite extreme.
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    Avoid talking to fast or to slow. Be sure to pace your talk so people can easily understand you. Do not talk in a monotone and never be boring.
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    Use proper language. Avoid slang and dirty language is not professional.
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    Be aware of your body language. Movements such as leaning, fidgeting, tapping your pen and pacing are all distracting. Also avoid chewing gum.
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    Forget the notes at home. Make sure you know the material so you don’t end up reading it.
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    Bring an outline. Use this in case you freeze up and forget. An outline is different than detailed notes. Don’t let fear stop you. Speaking helps the fear go away.
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    Remember to look at your audience. By watching their eyes you can see how you are being accepted. Do not pull on your hair, your clothes or bra straps.
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    Watch the clock. Do not talk more than 25 minutes or you will bore them. A short pause of silence is OK.
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    Get to your point. You told them at the beginning what your topic was, now give them a great presentation and end with a strong close.
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    Dress how you want them to view you. Clothes do make the man. This does not mean you have to wear a suit but be clean and dress how you want them to think of you. P.S do away with the bushy and unkempt beard ,rather have a clean shave and hair cut.
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    Be yourself, no one likes a phony. Most people can spot it a mile away, so keep it real and honest. In conclusion, public speaking is not as easy as it looks. Make sure you know all the laws and follow them so you can be on a solid path and be respected in your trade.

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