How to Be a Professional Stress Buster Using Yoga

A stress buster is an individual or a professional who can help people to come out of the stress conditions mentally, physically and psychologically. The activity as of now is mostly confined to evangelists, yoga gurus, and a few other religious leaders.

Stress busting as a profession is a recent phenomenon. It is still a voluntary activity and it is limited to the physical activities like giving a gentle rub on the shoulders or the forehead. The psychological and mental aspects of the profession need to develop.

A stress buster cannot provide total relief to a person unless he is acquainted with the working of human psychology and various system of the body.

Medical Laws and regulations differ from country to country. A stress buster should respect the law of the land and stay within legal parameters. He also needs to know, legally as a layman, what he is allowed to do and what he should leave for the experts to handle. This aim of the article is to make the people in the profession more knowledgeable and simultaneously encourage new people to take to this profession.

One advantage of this profession is that, by spreading a sense of well being among the subjects, you automatically experience it inside. Given the stress people are experiencing on account of difficult economic conditions the world over, stress busting as a profession can be a monetarily lucrative proposition.


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    Familiarize yourself with Human Anatomy and Physiology: Stress whether physical or mental has its origin to human systems and secretions & it is related to its hyper or hypo function. Stimulus can of course be outside factors which cause the malfunction, and subsequent stress. It is important to know the origin for treating the condition. You should learn the basics of human functioning. & have a basic idea about the musculo-skeletal, nervous, and the endocrine systems. Before taking the profession, you should join the course for paramedics, be a certified physiotherapist or at least a masseur. You need to be medically and legally enabled to handle this profession. The provisions differ from country to country. Please ensure that you don’t infringe the law of the land.
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    Be a yogi rather than being a bhogi for treating a rogi: Yogi is a person who constantly works to reach the higher realms of the metaphysical state. Bhogi is one who is in constant pursuit of worldly pleasure. Rogi is an indisposed person mentally or physically. You need to master the yoga asanas. Certain asanas like The Corpse pose – Shavasana, The Lotus pose - Padmasana & The Tree pose - Vrksasana are easy to perform and provide instant relief from stress situations. After mastering the yoga asana try to understand their relevance to the body anatomy and physiology. This way you can help your subject to get instant immediate relief from physical stress.
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    Provide relief from mental stress for your subjects: It is important for the stress busters to provide not only physical relief but also relief from mental stress. Read about various religions and try to know about the tenets of each one. You need to have an understanding about various religions and learn how they help people to live a value added life. This will help you to initiate a discussion and encourage the other person to share his insight about the good things about his religion. Your understanding of his religion will help you to become a more attentive and interactive audience. A discussion on good aspect often acts as a good distraction and psychologically boosts up the moral and helps overcome mental stress.
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    Familiarize yourself with music therapy: Music is a very good adjunct for the treatment of stress. While you are applying the gentle rub, or massage, soothing subtle music performs the function of applying the massage to the stressed mind. Healing music is available on the Internet or offline too, mostly in the instrumental form. You can download it into your system. Music transcends all boundaries imposed by religions, faiths and beliefs. You don’t have to be an expert in music but being a well informed layman helps you to be an attentive listener if not an active participant. You should know everything about the music you are playing. Author, Singer, Lyrics, Labels, Instruments.
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    Be a good listener: With some effort you can be a good speaker, but it very difficult to be a good patient listener. Most important prerequisite of a stress buster is being a good listener. Stressed subjects often resort to self glorification & amplification of their problems. It is very important to view the problem & its gravity from the subject’s perspective. Let him also understand as to how hard you worked to resolve such an important problem. This will help him develop confidence in you and your abilities as a stress buster. This will also transfer him into a voluntary marketing evangelist for you.


  • Limit the relations to professional level with the subjects: This article is repeatedly using the word “subject” to emphasis on the fact that the patients you are treating are nothing more than another customer whom you treat and move on to the next. It is good to develop empathy for the subject but having sympathy in a measure more than required, can disarm you and impact negatively your efforts to treat the subject.
  • Search for leading articles on this subject appearing online daily. Read the articles and make it a point to comment on each and every article. Along with your name please include the link to your blog. This will geometrically increase your reach daily.
  • Market your wares through communities, social interactions: This is the most important aspect of your profession, but you have to be very subtle and modest about the business aspect and highlight the community service part. Your business greed needs has to be cleverly camouflaged.
  • Cultivate contacts with hospitals, sports organizations, Not for profit, & Outreach organizations: Leading hospitals engage the services of psychiatrists for patient counseling. For non critical cases without medical manifestations, services of stress busters can be handy. Many smaller hospitals with budget constraint will be eager to avail the services of stress busters.
  • Use Inbound marketing techniques to market your services: It is good to have a website or a blog, where you can publish your articles and invite some guest to write articles on this subject. Join related groups in Facebook, Linkedin, and other social media platforms. Initiate discussions, join existing discussions and wherever possible and whenever possible provide a link & draw people to your blog/website.
  • Participate in the community conclaves, but keep a low profile subtly encourage people benefited by you to share their experience. Be modest in response when people praise you. Don’t make claims that you have solutions for all stress problems, on the contrary, tell them how unique each and every problem is, and how you have to often stretch your resources to solve the problems. Use the words like research and case studies to present your work in an elevated form. Try to subtly throw some big names in behavior sciences and openly show your admiration for them and their work.
  • Develop restraint to unsolicited/cold calls: It is common for the subjects to call you and suddenly ask for suggestions and remedy for their stress, and insist on instant solutions on phone. It is common to get irritated even for a very patient individual, but stress busters are not allowed this luxury. It is not a business savvy proposition to give solutions on phone. Tell him that his problem needs a very specific solution and it will require some time for you to work out a solution. Give him an appointment, treat him and charge him as per his notional gravity. You can give an occasional free or a discounted session to a good customer, but make him aware as to how much he has saved by being you customer. This will help build loyalty among the customers. People always prefer laboriously worked specific solutions to the problems to instant half baked solutions, more so in this profession.
  • Conduct opinion polls, ask questions online. This will make you and your expertise well-known.
  • Wherever you create a profile, make it a point to include the link to your blog. Create profiles at as many social platforms as possible. Ensure that the content is uniform everywhere.
  • Create a Facebook, Google+ page with visuals. Promote the page through your personal wall. Subtly coax your friends and customer to like your posts and comments. This will automatically promote your page to their friends, they will in turn follow you and their likes will spread it to their contacts.
  • Avoid direct email marketing. You are dealing with human condition and not selling a product. Human pain is not an encashable commodity. Be very dignified and restrained about your marketing. Build your business brick by brick. Real marketing lies in building satisfied customers. They will in turn help build your business.
  • Free service is a good way to cultivate loyal customer: Earmark some time in your routine for CSR. Volunteer your services selectively for development organization in the Not for Profit area. This will make you well known among the populace, print, electronic, and virtual media bringing more loyal customers.
  • Similarly sports teams in Cricket, Football, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, and other field and indoor sports can utilize the services of the stress busters with the twin objective of getting relief from physical stress and as morale booster to relieve mental stress.


  • Do not be over exuberant,or overconfident about your abilities.
  • Do not run down or be callous about your subject's problem.
  • Be honest, if the problem is beyond you refer the subject to an expert.
  • Do not belittle people or their problems.
  • Be balanced temperamentally
  • Exercise restraint & patience at all times.

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