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So you want to be a Professional skateboarder, do ya? You've always wanted to be a pro ever since you can remember, and need advice on how to be a Pro like Rob Dyrdek, Tony Hawk, or Danny Way. You may be as good or better than any of these guys, but you don't know where to begin. Just keep your dreams alive, and anything can happen.


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    Get really good on the skateboard. You won't get any pro stats if you can't even kickflip. You MUST be able to at least know how to do every basic trick.
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    Post videos online that shows any variations you can do. This may be hard to accept, but no one wants to see how you rolled off a curb about 6 inches (15.2 cm) off the ground. This may be a milestone, but it isn't sponsorship material. Get your footage, and publish for the world to see.
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    Get sponsored. To get close to being pro, sponsorships are a must. Now in the beginning, it may be hard. But what you want to do is start small. Go to your local skate shop for a sponsorship. They may not be World-Class, but they will brag about you to bigger sponsors, if you are good enough. They may give you free or discounted gear.
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    Participate in contests. The best way to get your name out there may mean to pay participation fees. But don't try it if you're starting out. Paying doesn't mean you will gain a magical power to ollie higher than 5x your average height.
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    If you get sponsored, remember it may be 2 to 3 YEARS before you get the privilege to travel to China for a commercial.


  • Practice! This has to be an important part in any career. PRACTICE! If you think it's time to stop practicing because you're too good, you're so wrong. Never stop practicing. You'll always get better.
  • Never Give Up. If you mess up, try again. If you land it, celebrate, but don't overdo it!
  • Stay Inspired. You will have days where it seems like you're a total failure. Ignore that feeling. It will constantly cause you to fail.
  • Pace yourself. You may be aggressive one day, but you sure will feel the effects the next day. Remember, Do NOT keep going if a muscle is so sore you can gently poke it and it still hurts.
  • Don't Push Yourself Too Far. If you can't grind, don't go down a 20 stair to 50-50 the rail. KNOW YOUR LIMITS.
  • Don't be afraid! Skateboarding is 80% mental and 20% physical! Do what is within you!.


  • You will fall, so be prepared, always wear padding. Having your head bleeding or your knee busted isn't so cool.
  • You may not make the ranks, but don't let that put you down.

Things You'll Need

  • Skateboard (required)
  • Padding (recommended)
  • The will to accomplish your goals.

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