How to Be a Preschool Teacher

Being a preschool teacher can take much patience and hard work. In the end, however, you will be satisfied with your work and maybe get a pat on the back by your employer (or maybe even a raise).


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    Make sure that you are good with kids. Do not underestimate their power; they might have some rude things to tell you, just kindly tell them to stop it.
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    Get an early childhood learning certificate or qualification. Check with your jurisdiction as to what is required.
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    Make sure that you have many activities prepared. For example, the first day you teach ABC'S, second day you teach how to color, third day you teach 123's. That way you will have less pressure if you do not have any assignments. (Even reading a book to the class can be easy and a little time consuming!)
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    Sleep healthy! If you go to your class half-asleep, some kids might get away with doing bad things, so if you sleep more you will be more alert!
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    Have much patience with little kids. They may not understand what school is yet since they're just simply little 4 or 5 year olds. Kindly and patiently teach them the concepts of school and maybe have a questionnaire of what they hope to be when they get older (it influences them to do better in school if you tell them that you need a good education).
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    Bring a healthy lunch and make sure the children do too! If the children do not bring healthy lunches, this could cause obesity; a child at a younger age is more vulnerable to obesity. If you bring a healthier food such as salad or even an apple, this could influence them to bring healthier foods too. (Give them a lesson some day about how a healthy food turns them into a healthier person).
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    Have fun! Having fun is the primary thing to do in preschool, it stimulates the children to learn, that school does not have to be boring and about lounging around all day! A more fun class period can make the children WANT to go to school!


  • When school is over, do not leave the school. Greet the parents and make sure they all get home safely.
  • Tell them to go to the bathroom and hurry back so they do not miss anything. If possible, have an adult go with them.
  • Make the children learn the primary basics of school.
  • If you have to, ask the principal for an assistant (schools usually already have assistants for preschool teachers).
  • Make sure the children's hygiene level is high too; if they have to go to the bathroom let them, but make sure to pick decent times!
  • If you ever have any criers in your classroom (such as when their parents drop them off), comfort them and tell them that they will be home!


  • If you shout at the kids they will get sad and they won't listen to you
  • Don't be rude to the children.

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