How to Be a Popular Sixth Grade Girl

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Okay, so you are popular, and you want to gain even more power, or you are not so popular, and you want to become popular, right? Try the following suggestions to help increase your chances at middle school popularity.


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    Be yourself. Never feel obligated to make yourself look different because all the 'cool' people are saying to do it. Be yourself, that's what people like.

Part 1

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    Be stylish. You don't have to have the newest designer bag to be considered popular, being considered popular does not mean having all the newest clothes and accessories. But many people (sadly) do judge by looks, so to keep up with your age of style is your best option. Knowing you are only 11 to 12 (maybe 13) years of age, don't dress in a "sexy" outfit. Also avoid graphic tees with hello kitty on them and other cartoon shows. Wear running style shorts and a tee shirt of your liking.
    • Ripped/laddered jeans are popular. Shorts can be popular, in cute styles with lace, and wear belts with them.

Part 2

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    Choose an appropriate hairstyle. Long hair is popular, usually worn in ponytails. Some ways of wearing hair include:
    • If you have long hair, try doing this: Comb it with a hairbrush, spray it with light detangler, put a headband in, gather your hair and put it into a ponytail with a cheerleading bow.
    • If you have short hair: Put a headband in, and a hair bow in the side.
    • If you have medium hair: Put it in a little ponytail with light hairspray.

Part 3

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    Wear minimal makeup. Wearing a lot of makeup is bad for your skin at such a young age, it will clog your pores and increase acne breakouts. The only 'beauty' things you need to be doing are:
    • Washing your face (with any face wash, because you are still young a gentle face wash is best).
    • Brushing your teeth; you are now old enough to throw out the old fluoride-free toothpaste and go out to get some toothpaste with fluoride. After about 10 years old, your teeth will be needing the fluoride.[citation needed]
    • Moisturize your face (your face is beautiful as it is!) Keep your skin moisturized to help avoid dry skin and peeling skin.[citation needed]

Part 4
Interacting with people

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    Link arms with a few other popular girls, and walk down the hall, giggling and laughing. It's a sign of friendship, and people will probably talk to you more, because they now know you're really friendly.
    • Only link arms with boys if they're your boyfriend, and make it look cute, like your head comfortably nestled into his shoulder. You'll be the "toast" of the school, especially if he's the most popular boy in school!
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    Don't bully anybody! In movies, they may do it to "climb" the social ladder; in real life it's the opposite. It will give you a bad reputation and your friends will not tend to be too happy to see you bullying others.
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    Get involved in activities. Consider such activities as cheerleading, dancing, singing, gymnastics, etc. Don't change anything you already love doing!


  • Remember to be positive about mostly everything.
  • Take it slowly. You have plenty of time!
  • Don't try too hard to be popular that you fall behind on your school work. Popular girls needs good grades to.
  • Be cheerful. Kindness is a key to popularity. Be fierce, but not mean!
  • Invite your friends over to your house. Make sure they have plenty of fun.
  • Don't wear too much makeup. Let others see who you really are. It's just as effective to groom yourself well instead of using makeup. For example, get manicures and pedicures and keep your finger nails nice and neat.
  • Everyone is beautiful in their own way. You may not think you are, but you are and always will be.


  • Nobody likes a tattletale. Don't be one.
  • Just be yourself! If you answered "No way! Why would I do that?" to any of these instructions, just remember: you want to be popular, right? But don't push yourself into following all of this! You don't have to be super popular!
  • Do not throw yourself at boys. Never throw yourself at boys just to be famous.
  • Do not become obsessed with what other people think about you. Doing so will lower your self confidence. Despite what you think, not every single person in the world goes to school just to judge you and your clothes.
  • Don't think skipping classes or getting bad grades is cool. It's good to get teachers to like you, too. Remember, if your on the road to popularity, people are going to look up to you. Don't make their role-model a rule-breaking, nasty girl who cares about nothing!

  • There are bullies out there. Popular people can be pushy. This is why you should take things slowly - try talking to the head girl after you've obviously established her respect.
  • Don't be mean to others. Even if they are mean to you, just ignore them; they will be the ones who end up getting in trouble. Besides , when you grow up you won't know half of them.
  • Do not focus too much on your outward appearance, but rather on being outgoing, making true friends, and doing well in school. You're there to learn, too, so don't obsess too much over how you look.

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