How to Be a Popular School Girl

Three Parts:Having a positive attitudeInspiring othersPutting your best self forward

You don’t have to be rich, athletic and pretty to be popular. It seems really important to be the perfect girl when you’re younger but popularity isn’t everything. You can still be popular for the right reasons, as shown in the following suggestions.

Part 1
Having a positive attitude

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    Generate positive energy. Greet everyone you see with a warm smile. Nothing attracts people like optimism. Everyone does have negative feelings sometimes but try to disguise them as best as you can. But if somebody is suspicious that you were secretly wishing that Sally would forget to study for the test so that you could get the best score in the class for once, don't try to sell a lie. Instead of saying "Sally is such a teacher's favourite! No wonder she always get such good scores." say "I'm disappointed with myself because I know I could've done better."
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    Be a good listener. Maintain eye contact with the person who is speaking and throw in the occasional nod or "hmm" but not to the point where it becomes distracting or disruptive. Whatever you do, don't interrupt the person who is speaking. This shows that you think what you're about to say is more important than what they are saying.
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    Be prepared for people who don't like you. There will be people out there who will never click with you, that's just life. However, you don't need to make it a negative; simply leave such people be. They've got other things to ruminate about than your existence in their lives.
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    Be funny if you can. They like you when you're funny. Try to tell some jokes. But not always, they might get annoyed and think you're a clown. If they already have this thought, try to be serious and don't tell jokes for few days. This will make them think you maybe was just happy because of something good that happened to you, so you could be more popular again.

Part 2
Inspiring others

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    Be a good role-model. Now that you have major influence at your school, encourage your peers to make better and right choices.
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    Get involved. Join a sports team or club; you’ll meet more people once you start moving around. Don’t get involved in activities that you don’t enjoy just to be popular, be yourself.
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    Show authentic interest in others. Ask about what people are interested in; people are generally confident talking about what they love. Make sure that you talk about things that people want to hear but don’t gossip because it can hurt other people’s feelings. Take it slow.If you’re shy to communicate with others,speak in shorter sentences.
    • Respect other people’s privacy, don’t brag on about yourself or constantly ask questions. Popular people can hold friendly conversations most of the time. Don’t be annoying and make other people feel uncomfortable.
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    Hold parties and sleepovers. If you are a leader in something, like activities, throw class events. Bring your radio and music. Popular girls love music and dancing. Ask them what they want to be in the "party". This will make them think you care about their opinion and they will think you're cool.
    • If you throw a party in your house, make it look cool. The look is important. So is the movie you wanna see. Choose a movie they like. Something on trend, something new.
    • Make sure your outfit is perfect. Everybody will talk about your sleepover or your party, which will help your popularity.
    • If the party doesn't go well, say "sorry". If you make as nothing happened that will make them think you don't care about it. Saying sorry is better than standing and making as nothing happened. After saying "sorry", do something they like and think it is fun.
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    Stay connected with people. If you don't have one already, get a cell phone to stay in touch with people; also get a Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram account if you are able to. Post funny things that people like. You might blog too. Make sure that you write something interesting and creative. But it need to be true. Make sure do does not post secrets that might humiliate you. That would make you less popular.

Part 3
Putting your best self forward

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    Get in shape, healthy eating and exercising is really important. Consider swimming, yoga or dancing, it’s important that you feel comfortable in with your body. Don’t always cover yourself in makeup because you’re not showing your natural beauty this way.
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    Go through your wardrobe and figure out what you want to keep and what you want to give away. Get some fashion advice from magazines, be inspired. Shop at shops that you like, you can find some stores online as well. Don’t wear clothes that you don’t feel comfortable in.
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    Have good style. This may seem superficial, but popularity is about setting trends, doing something differently and making it instantly cool. One way of doing this is through style, but if what you're trying to sell is stupid or seriously uncool, don't do it. If you have a spec of doubt about whether other people will actually want to wear it, don't wear it yourself. You could risk damaging your reputation. Also, as soon as the trend has caught on, change your look so that your peers can never catch up with your ever changing style. And it's okay to go back to a few looks which had major results, that's how fashion works.
    • Be a fashion-focused person. Be the first who follow the new fashion. Try to wear different clothes. They will understand it's on fashion and will wear that outfit too.Then, after you become popular they will follow only your lead. So, you have to be on the fashion. You don't have to have all designer clothes, but put effort into what you have on. Try to stand out a little without going too far.
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    • Share clothes. Girls like sharing clothes, so share some with your friends. They think it's fun doing it.
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    • Standing out is always a way of becoming popular quickly. If somebody spots you wearing something that is not common, it will attract attention.
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    Have good hygiene. Shower every day, wash your hair twice a week, brush your teeth and wash your face twice a day. You can also wear a little perfume if you want. Try to use an organic deodorant as non-organic deodorants have been linked to breast and lymphatic cancer.
    • Wear antiperspirant/deodorant and perhaps a little perfume.
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    Take your hair to the next level. Use colour, get an edgy haircut or put in extensions to make your hair longer. Dye your hair a dramatic color and be willing to change your image, think positive and be creative with what you do with your hair. You could run the straighteners through your hair or the curlers; you could even crimp your hair or braid it!
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    Wear makeup if you wish, start with a fresh and clean face before applying makeup. Now apply some liquid foundation with a sponge, apply concealer on your flaws. Next curl your lashes and apply a thick coat of mascara, don’t forget your lower lashes! Apply your blush, and then apply some lipstick. Now you’re finished!


  • Don't drop your old friends! make new ones but if your new friends just like you because one of the popular guys like you don't hang out with them because then the leader will just use you and when she is done using you will have no friends new or old.
  • Don't constantly copycat someone. They WILL notice, and deem you extremely annoying. No one likes to be copied. Be confident. Speak loud and, and use bold words.


  • Don't tell lies, telling lies will just make things a bigger fire.
  • Never pretend to be something you're not, when you pretend to be something you are not it makes you fake.
  • Don't become a wannabe. Nobody with like you for being a wannabe.

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