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How to Be a Popular Prep/Trendy Girl

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Every girl wants to be trendy, but for you true classic preps here's how you can!


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    Learn some trends! Floral print, peter pan collars, riding boots, feathers, over-sized bags etc. Pick some of your favorites and see some prices before you go shopping, and see if there are any new trends which catch your eye.
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    Buy some new, refreshing preppy things. What about 5 new Polos in some cute colors? Sea blue, candy floss pink, grass green, and maybe a fun burgundy and navy for those lazy days? Then some chinos in maybe 2 different colors, though light brown is a must with turn ups at the bottom. Maybe some shirts or blouses for lunch? Some posh dresses, floral accessories, riding boots? The choice is up to you! Make sure some classic clothing is paired with some trends for that effortless trendy look.
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    Wear foundation/powder/concealer if you would like. Wear a mascara in either brown, black or clear. Pair with a hint of bronzer and lip gloss for that `I've done nothing to this face!` look. Buy into products that you've tried or close people to you have tried.
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    Get a subtle, fruity, classy scent. Chanel No.5 is a good choice, as are some others which include DKNY, Britney Spears or Juicy Couture. Chanel is probably the best choice, though.
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    Have a pair of pearl or diamond earrings at hand. If they are not real, make sure they don't look fake. I also suggest buying a pearl necklace and a diamond ring, and as a hint of trendiness, a Juicy Couture bracelet.

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