wikiHow to Be a Popular Girl in Elementary School

Three Parts:Checking Your AppearanceInteracting with EveryoneDoing Well at School

To be popular in elementary school, be a nice person and make plenty of friends. Dress neatly and be clean. Most of all, focus on your schoolwork because that's why you're there.

Part 1
Checking Your Appearance

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    Stay in style. Try to get name brand clothing. However, name brands aren't everything and now is a great time to realize that an astute shopper can buy very affordable quality items by knowing that fabric and stitching quality are important things to focus on, not the label alone.
    • Avoid clothing that can be easily identified as cheap.
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    Get decent quality shoes. They should be comfortable, well made and long-lasting. Spending a little more on a quality shoe can keep your feet in good condition for the year and the shoes will last longer.
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    Keep clean. Stay fresh by using deodorant. Brush your teeth twice a day and brush your hair, too. Keep your hair well brushed. Have a bath or shower every day.
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    Use lip gloss only. That should do the trick for makeup. Too much makeup can make you look like a clown and spoil your dewy young skin that doesn't need a drop of makeup. Even lip gloss isn't essential, so if you don't want it, that's fine.

Part 2
Interacting with Everyone

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    Let people know you're friendly by smiling and being respectful. Be nice and appreciate them. Try to compliment others. Telling a person their hair looks good or you like their shoes will make them happy and want to hang out with you more.
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    Communicate well. Be polite, thoughtful and funny. Complaining all the time or being a gossip will scare people off. Be a cheerful sort of person, but realistic and helpful too.
    • Don't swear or act inappropriately. Do not put anyone down, even if they make you angry.
    • Don't act too hyper as it can make people feel uncomfortable. Have an even and mild manner most of the time, although it's fine to be excited sometimes.

Part 3
Doing Well at School

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    Get high grades. This will make things easiest for you at school and others will respect your ability to get work done well.
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    Get involved in school activities. Choose a sport or two that you enjoy and become involved in it regularly.
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    Be good at both sports and schoolwork. Doing both won't classify you as a nerd or an athlete. It will help people too see you as diverse and easy to be around. You can do more than one thing, you adapt.


  • Remember that you are beautiful just the way you are, and no one can change that.
  • Always also remember that everyone is a human just like you too.
  • If you get popular don't get a big head. There is no such thing as dorks or nerds. Mean, popular jerks just give them a status.
  • Being popular isn't everything. Think hard about what it even means to you. It's not as simple a concept as you might think.
  • Be nice to people, even if they're not nice to you. It might be hard, (okay, it will be hard, but try your best!)
  • Popular people usually get labeled as 'jerks' due to them labeling people and pushing away people with issues. If you have glasses, dyslexia, braces etc. the popular people may push you away. Don't be like that. There is more than one kind of popular.
  • Treat everyone the same no matter how popular they are.
  • Don't go off trying to make your friends jealous of the things you have. Try to ask about them see what stuff they have and last of all be kind and nice to everyone boy or girl, friend or not.
  • Don't brag about your life and everything to anyone or they won't like you.
  • Don't swear or be mean. It makes people think that you think that you are too good for them. This does not help you make friends. With no friends, you can't be popular.


  • Protect your friends.
  • Don't let anyone put you down.
  • Getting in trouble is not something that popular people do.
  • Don't act like you're "all that".

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