How to Be a Popular and Pretty Girl at School

Three Parts:Impressing OthersBecoming Well KnownStaying True to Yourself and Others

For a lot of girls, being popular and pretty is highly desirable. Do you ever want to be like the popular girls who walk the halls at your school? Don't worry! Becoming popular takes time and patience. Be patient and persistent and you can start on your path to popularity!

Part 1
Impressing Others

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    Make a good first impression. First impressions are important. Especially if you are the new girl at school. Here are a few tips on first impressions.
    • Don't try to be like somebody else. If you do, then you have to act differently around that person all the time or worse. They'll find out that you're faking.
    • Always be friendly. If you're rude or mean, the person will look back at you in a negative way, and that is not what you want.
    • Don't talk too much. When you talk too much, that sends a message to the other person that you're a very self-centered person.
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    Dress for success! Wear something that looks good on you. Just because it's "in trend" doesn't mean you should wear it especially if it doesn't suit you. If your school has a uniform, check out these fun ways to shine out from the crowd.
    • Don't always wear sweats and a sweatshirt. Dress up one day, it will make you stand out.
    • For dress code, try and jazz up your school uniform as much as you can, if you want to.
    • Get your nails painted. You can paint them silver, pink, red or keep them simple with a French manicure.
    • Add accessories! Charm bracelets and bangles are cute, but don't add too many accessories or they might weigh you down during the day.
    • Shoes are important. Don't get a size too big or small because comfort beats fashion any day.
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    Get your clothing tailored just for yourself. Make your clothes more individual and fit just the way you like by tailoring them yourself if you can or by getting a professional to do it for you.
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    Fix your hair and makeup too. Don't use too much hair gel, hairspray or mousse, or too much blush, lip gloss, and mascara. It might be tempting to use more makeup than you already have on, but remember that less is a lot more sometimes.

Part 2
Becoming Well Known

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    Join a club, group, or class about something that you love. That gives to the advantage to learn about what you like to do, and meet some people that have the same interest as you. Plus, you always have something to talk about with them!
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    Strike up a conversation with the popular girls. You might become friends with them. If you don't, don't worry! You can get some other nice friends and if you have good friends, you're considered popular in many people's eyes. If you do become friends, maybe they will introduce you to some of their friends, and that's a huge opportunity to becoming popular.
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    Make plans with new friends. Don't go too far though; if you seem too clingy or a friend pusher, chances are they won't want to be best friends with you. Give people personal space. Just don't push the friendship you have with these girls.
    • Try not to only have girls that are friends. Try to get a guy friend. They are way less full of drama. Just experiment with it.

Part 3
Staying True to Yourself and Others

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    Be yourself. You don't always have to act and look like the popular girls to be one! Just be you. It's better that way. Though, at the same time try and be one of them too. It's hard to explain. If the girls think you are just like the other girls in your grade they'll not wanna hang out with you. Just don't let them take control of you, or make you feel like you're not better than them.
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    Be nice. Even if you don't like a person, remain civil and pleasant toward them. Popularity is mostly about how you treat others. You don't want to be known as the mean popular girl. Instead, be nice and proud, so people can look up to you and make you their inspiration.
    • Don't be mean, even if that person is mean to you or annoys you. Just don't do it. If it gets out of hand, politely tell the person to leave you alone.


  • Remember to smile when you see someone, and not to be shy! If you go up to a super outgoing person and you're Little Miss Shy Girl, then you're sure to have a friend that's the complete opposite of you.
  • Try getting a best friend. One that you can share all your secrets with. But don't be her only friend. Let her get some other friends, too.
  • If your friend dumps you, don't be too upset. (Or act like you're not.) Just make some new friends. Sooner or later, that girl will be begging you to be your friend again.
  • Don't make the mistake of hanging out with clique's. They might pull you into their group and then spit you out. You don't want that to happen.
  • Don't start your own clique. People will be scared of you if you start a clique. Just try to avoid clique's all together.
  • Just be yourself. And stay confident! But just remember being someone you're not doesn't make you popular.
  • Remember, it's inner beauty that makes you beautiful and unique!
  • Wear the proper makeup based on age, and if you have smoother skin.


  • Don't let people make you do things you don't want to do.
  • Don't be clingy. That tells the person that she can only be your friend.
  • Don't be mean or rude to anybody. Including teachers.
  • Stay true to yourself. Being popular isn't everything.

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