How to Be a Pittsburgh Steelers Fan

The Pittsburgh Steelers are a National Football League team based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Steelers are a great team who usually do well. They have a rich history.


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    Know the current players and coach. The current players are Ben Roethlisberger, and James Harrison.
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    The Steelers also have a great history. Brush up on facts about the Steel Curtain, Terry Bradshaw, the Immaculate Reception, etc. And don't forget Myron Cope (he may have been annoying, but he was important throughout Steeler history).
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    Get team items like jerseys, posters, and Steelers apparel. They are on eBay,, and at the local store (if you live around Ohio and Pennsylvania). This is what true Steelers fans do.
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    Know the history of the Steelers. The team was founded in 1933 and arguably the greatest moment in history was the Immaculate Reception. You can go anywhere online or on TV to find out more about the history and the great games and moments. Search on the internet "Pittsburgh Steelers history" and you will see all about the Hall of Famers and Super Bowl trophies.
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    Watch the games. You can watch on TV or live. The biggest ones are prime time and against fellow AFC North teams. Usually if you are local all the games are on CBS or Fox if you are not local just catch the primetime games. Just know what you are watching and understand the game of football.
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    Attend their games. Don't go to Pittsburgh Steelers home games in the winter as it's cold there. Try seeing if they'll come to your area.
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    The Steelers are known for having the best fan-base in the entire NFL. Embrace that. Be rabid. Wear your jersey even if it's ripped up and has pit stains and the Steelers are 0-9. If you see another Steelers fan, yell to them. Wave that Terrible Towel with pride!


  • The Terrible Towel is a must-have for Steelers fans.
  • Don't be a fan of the Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens, or the Cincinnati Bengals. Those are the Steelers' divisional rivals. Other rival teams you absolutely must hate to be a Steelers fan are the Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots, and Oakland Raiders.
  • Throwback jerseys are great merchandise.


  • You cannot be a fair-weather or sorta-kinda fan. Either you are 100% crazy, rabid, screaming-at-the-TV, talking-trash-at-opponents-fans kind of fan, or you aren't one at all. It's a commitment.

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  • Steelers fanhood
  • Jerseys
  • Knowledge of the Steelers
  • Other merchandise

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