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New Pirate is a great new subculture.Some girls who like pirates and want to be one should read find out how to join it.

Method 1

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    Invest in a pirate ship. This can be any kind of boat or ship. You must fly the Jolly Roger. Cannons are optional, but highly recommended.
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    Recruit a pirate crew. Salty sea dogs are preferred, but landlubbers will do as well.
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Method 2

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    Wear a lot of bandanas! Especially ones with skull and crossbones designs or red and black ones. When not wearing a bandana, make your hair a bit messy. You can also use an eye patch; get one at your local costume store.
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    Choose appropriate colors. White, ivory, beige, cream and tan peasant shirts are great for the look. Skull t-shirts are also great. Plain black, white or beige shirts with cut-off sleeves are a great addition to your wardrobe. Brightly colored long sleeve button ups are piratey. Just make sure they are loose, not stiff like a shirt a corporate executive might wear to the office. And make sure you leave all of it untucked but the very front, creating a sagging look (regardless of how it's finished) and unbutton the top few buttons.
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    Select a suitable fabric and design. Capris, capris, capris or large cotton harem pants. These are incredibly piratey if they have the right knicker-looking characteristics! Avoid denim and other recent additions in fabrics. Stick to hemp, cotton, wool and other natural fabrics. Keep them in brown and natural colors. It's a good idea to tear of the hem to make them look a bit more tough, but also keep them baggy, because they would have been real knickers, stolen from men. If you live in a cooler climate, you should probably wear long, flowing pants in the winter. Avoid short skirts. You could wear calf length skirts with harem pants and tall boots.
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    Wear "gold" jewelry. Costume jewelry is perfect for this--what would you have pilfered from another ship?

Method 3
Hair, Skin and Makeup

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    Style your hair. If you have dark skin, then dreadlocks are good. Black, light brown, dirty blond and red are all great, but your natural shade will work too. If dreadlocks do not work for you, braid your hair into numerous tiny braids to achieve a similar effect. This can be done at a hair salon, with an electric hair-braider. If you have a very patient friend with nimble fingers, this will also work. Alternatively, you can just wear your hair messy, and kind of sloppy.
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    Consider getting a tan if you have fair, beige, or golden skin.
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    Wear a warm blush, a shade or two darker than your natural skin tone. It should be swept under your cheekbones to make them stick out.
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    Use subtle eyeshadow; stick to earth tones, or don't wear any at all. Mascara is okay, as long as it's black or brown. The same goes for eyeliner.
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    Make your lips a shade of red, flesh colored, a natural color or no color. Keep the shine to a minimum if any. Avoid lip liner. You don't have to wear lipstick or gloss at all.
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    Use nail polish sparingly. Pirates never had nail polish, but if you feel naked without it, wear a clear, black or flesh toned coat. Keep your nails about the length of a well-groomed guy's nails. Let the dirt build up underneath!
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    Keep your hands and feet rough and callused. Walk around barefoot to improve this. Avoid wearing any footwear.
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    Don't even dare to try to act "cute". Pirates are not cute, and your goal in this is not to be a "sweet but kind of sexy pirate-ish gal". That will just be embarrassing.

Method 4

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    Have a pirate personality and have pirate hobbies to complement your pirate looks. Be funny and witty as much as possible. Act tough and like you're popular. Pirates are always somewhat arrogant. Have fun boating. Fencing is also great. You can play cards and dice, but don't use real money, use "pieces of eight" (pirate currency). Practice lock picking if possible, although it is illegal to carry a lock pick kit in most states.
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    Strut like you are absolutely arrogant but not too popular. Keep your head up high, but don't stick your nose in the air. Stomp a little, but go quickly. Keep in mind that pirates tended to remain inebriated for long periods of time, so you may want to wobble a bit, as well.
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    Gesture a lot, and talk with your hands. On a ship, most of the time, a person couldn't get her point across with just words.
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    Be proud, be strong, an' flaunt your pirattitude! Pirate girls come in all shapes and sizes. The important thing is that their bodies are their own, to do with as they please.
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    Never never hit, kick, or insult the ones you love. Respect them deeply, but don't baby them like they're not self-sufficient.
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    Do NOT go overboard or you’ll get wet. Sometimes coverup, mascara, eyeliner, and lip gloss are too much and make you look less piratey.


  • Red is a great "popping" pirate color.
  • Be a tomboy. Feminine ladies aren't allowed on a pirate ship.
  • Try wearing a large hoop earring (real or fake) on one of your ears.


  • Beware the kind of crowd you show your pirate side to. Walking around the streets with that distinctive drunken swagger might provoke some raised eyebrows and concerned questions.
  • Don't kill anyone.
  • This isn't an accurate representation of actual pirates, but a guide to the modernized sub-culture of looking like a pirate girl.
  • No tan is a safe tan. Tans can lead to skin cancer or, at the least, early wrinkles and age spots. Consider a fake tan.

Things You'll Need

  • Bandanas with skulls, black and red designs
  • Eye patch
  • Peasant shirts
  • Shirts with cut-off sleeves
  • Billowing capris
  • Costume jewelry
  • Fake tanner
  • Black, brown, natural or flesh-toned eyeshadow
  • Black or brown mascara
  • Black or brown eyeliner
  • Red, flesh-toned or natural colored lipstick or lip gloss (not fake-looking)
  • Warm blush
  • Hair highlighter

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