How to Be a New York Yankees Fan

What bothers many people most about baseball are the "bandwagon" fans who say they like a team but have no idea what they are talking about. This will help those "fans-who-shall-not-be-named" get into the game and get up-to-date about what is going on with your team (as long as that team is the Yankees).


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    Know the players. So many people say, "I love the Yankees", but then can only name a player or two of them (such as the Alex "A-Rod" Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira and/or the now-retired players named Derek Jeter or Mariano Rivera). Know at least a few others to demonstrate your true fandom.
    • Even try to get to recognize some of the famous historical players who have played with the team. Although there are some that are as big as Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantel, and Joe DiMaggio, there are others such as Mariano Rivera, Yogi Bera, David Cone, David Wells, Phil Rizutto who played with the team, following with Bernie Williams, Paul O'Neil, Buck Showalter, Roger Clemens, Mike Mussina, Hideki Matsui, Tino Martinez, Jason Giambi, Johnny Damon, Robinson Cano, Ichiro Suzuki and Don Mattingly (who later became the head manager of Los Angeles Dodgers and much later the Miami Marlins (2016-Present)) and many others.[1]
    • Get used to the name Brian Cashman, the name of the General Manager of the Yankees, who is the manager who elects to sign players to contracts, who has been the New York Yankees General Manager since the 1998 season. He's the person to watch and hear about when big news strikes of big trades and big free agent signings. And yes, you'll hear this name a lot if you are a true Yankees fan!
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    Try to recognize the game lineups, which don't change too much from the beginning of the regular season to the end (unless the players' health is unpredictable which has happened quite a lot in 2013, 2014 and 2015).
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    Watch for other names to come up from both the infielders, outfielders and catchers. It's not just about the big names that make this team what it is today. Like all sports, it's a combined effort and if just one player is down, the rest of the team slumps. (If one player is unhealthy, the rest of the team will show this health problem; as it has in both the 2014 and 2015 seasons.) The Yankees have gone through various health constraints that led to some rather nasty losses where they could (and should) have won.
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    Research and try to find out the Yankees' starting rotation for its pitchers who pitch games. Each year, the Yankees elect five players (the maximum number of starting rotation players allowed by MLB) who go out there at a set schedule to pitch in a series of a few games then try to repeat the performance over and over again throughout the year. Although the Yankees schedule differs from team to team and location to location and from year to year, the 180 games tend to be more than needed to get them into the best position in the standings for them to win their division (or come darn close to it) in that year's schedule. This rotation changes depending on what manager Joe Girardi needs in his players at that point in time each year, though he does try to elect a rotation during and in the days leading up to the regular season. These players include Masahiro Tanaka, C.C. Sabathia, Luis Severino, Michael Pineda, and a wealth of other pitchers.[2]
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    Understand and research and look for names that make up the closing and relieving pitchers roles for the Yankees. As of an off-season acquisition by the Yankees during 2015-2016, the Yankees have acquired Aroldis Chapman which can fill the gap. However, due to a spring training MLB infraction, he was banned from playing for approximately 30 games and therefore started in May 2016 (or should start in May 2016). However, the New York Yankees have several other pitchers who can help relieve the starting pitcher and help it wrap into the last player of each game too which include Ivan Nova and others.
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    Get to understand the remainder of the roster. It's not just about the players who come out onto the field day-after-day-after-day until they get hurt. There are "substitute"-like players who work behind the scenes waiting for "just that right moment" when the manager Joe Girardi has to fill in these missing players.
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    Get to know the manager of the team. Joe Girardi has been the manager of the New York Yankees since 2008, and although his first year with the team ended up with the Yankees missing the playoffs, in 2009 the New York Yankees won the World Series, the best "trophy" that is well deserved in baseball for the best team around.
    • Believe it or not: Joe Girardi was once an MLB player for the Cubs, Yankees, Rockies, Cardinals and a bunch of other teams, had helped the team win several World Series rings (Yankees) as he caught the balls as their catcher.[3].
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    Get to know the remainder of the coaches of the New York Yankees. Although these coaches do change to names that are rather mistakable every year, recognize the pitching coach and batting coach as they come out to speak to the players. These two coaches include the hitting/batting coach Alan Cockrell and pitching coach Larry Rothschild[4]
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    Get to know what the trainer of the New York Yankees looks like. Although few people know the trainer's name (Steve Donohue[5]), it's good to know what this person looks like because you'll occasionally see them help their players off the field when the player gets injured on the field if you attend a game, or hear/read the newspaper and see their name for something they acted upon when health issues strike the team.
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    Research the history of Yankee Stadium, including the old Yankee Stadium (which got torn down in the 2010 season).
    • Learn about the Bleacher Creatures who used to sit in the stands and bring stadium-goers into the action with chants that still ring in most Yankees fans heads regularly. [6]
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    Understand the transactions log and read it regularly. This is the best place to find out news on the team and who's going where and what's happening. This filtered log can be found online at here.
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    Recognize the team's farm system. As with all MLB teams, the New York Yankees have a variety of locations they use for a farm system including their Gulf Coast League affiliate, all leading to their closest and next-level down from professional league at Trenton. Their affiliates can be found under "Affiliate Information" here. These teams include the Pulaski Yankees of the Rookie League, the Staten Island Yankees, Charleston RiverDogs and Tampa Yankees of the Single A leagues, Trenton Thunder of the Double A league and their Triple A (and close to professional league yet still not quite) the Scranton-Wilkes Barre RailRiders.
    • Get to know the "up and coming names" of those in the farm system. These players become more later, if and when they arrive at professional level. Some of the Yankees top prospects are listed here, though some have tried out professional and couldn't compete or were injured and are rehabbing after surgery so were demoted back down to the minor league affiliates again until they performance can become back up to professional level.
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    Get to know the family history of the owner of the New York Yankees. Although George Steinbrenner, the former New York Yankees' owner passed away just recently (as of the 2016 season), Mr. Steinbrenner's son Hal was able to take over and now has full ownership over the New York Yankees.
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    Have a favorite player. This will show that you know the team and are involved enough to have a favorite player. Have a reason for choosing your favorite player: a play at a specific game, a skill or talent they have, their character or gamesmanship, etc. Most people prefer Derek Jeter or Alex Rodriguez, but you can like whomever you wish.
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    Get into the rivalry. 2004 World Series winners, the bloody sock, Fenway Park, Carlton Fisk, Big Papi. These words will get any Yankee fan/Red Sox hater riled up. Know that Yankee fans hate Red Sox fans and vice versa. If the Red Sox fans use these attacks, just use the 27 World Championships, 1978, Bucky Dent and a first pitch walk off home run in the bottom of the 11th inning of Game 7 to Aaron Boone in the 2003 ALCS to formulate a comeback.
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    Understand other rivalries as well. The Yankees have a big rivalry with the Red Sox but that is not their only big rival. The crosstown New York Mets play the Yankees four times a year in what is known as the Subway Series, and is considered important for Big Apple bragging rights. In 2000, the Yankees and Mets met in the World Series for the first time, and the Yankees won in 5, for their third straight title. Another team that has become a big rival lately is the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, as they have eliminated the Yankees in the playoffs twice this decade and are the only team to have a winning record against the Yankees since their dynasty began in 1996. The Rays, who have now shown to be contenders, are also growing rivals because an enormous number of Yankee fans attend games at Tropicana Field.
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    Know past rivalries. Did you know that the Yankees had a huge rivalry with the Kansas City Royals back in the '70s and '80s? In the years leading up to the Royals' 1985 World Series, the two teams often were pitted against each other in intense playoff matchups. Surprise people by knowing such an extensive part of Yankees history like this, and other things as well. However, be sure not to make a fool of yourself and claim that the two are still rivals, because they aren't. The downfall of the Royals has made most fans of both teams completely forget about it.
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    Read about the team! Check out the external links, read the New York Times' sports section. If you want to know about the Yankees' chances of winning each season, learn about other teams and their players, as this will give you a good idea of what games they Yankees can win, and which ones they can't.
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    Get involved with Yankees traditions. The Yankees are an old team with a very rich history, and they also tend to have some of their own traditions. For example, try getting to a game when they have "Old Timer's Day", where some of the Yankee greats from the past century have been there. It is a tradition that many teams have tried to do, but none have been as consistent as the Yankees. You can find out about Old Timer's Day and other Yankees promotions on the YES Network.
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    Learn how to argue well. A lot of baseball fans (especially Red Sox fans) say the Yankees won their past championships (e.g. 1998, 1999, 2000, 2009, etc.) because of their high payroll. The Red Sox also happen to have a large payroll.


  • Stay strong. Red Sox fans will try to break you down. Don't ever turn against the team though. Just remember the Yankees and their glory!
  • Go to Cooperstown at least once in your fandom - where baseball legends go to become immortal. Cooperstown has all the history of the game at the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.
  • Watch the game at the stadium itself or on TV (or listen on the radio) with a friend or family member who is a big baseball fan. That way, you will learn more about the sport itself and the team and the players. If you aren't in an applicable area where these games are shown
  • Collect baseball cards if you want to. It is fun to try to collect cards of your favorite teams and players.
  • As you listen to player conversations after the game (especially on TV) and as you listen to the news, and after the season has concluded there are some players who join the club and think that the New York Yankees are the only team these players ever want to play for. While some recognize what's going on with the team behind the scenes, they also realize some of the team's values and are willing to stay with the team "through thick and thin." Although there are new players that come and go every year, one of the few that grew up in the New York Yankees farm system and who stayed his entire career with the Yankees included Derek Jeter. Other notable exceptions have made references to not leaving, but as you watch these professional-league players, you'll notice these players signing contracts back with the Yankees, even if these contracts were for less money just so they can stay with the organization for the values the organization tries to establish in their players.
  • Because the Yankees payroll is so large, MLB has decided to tax higher payrolled- teams more and the Yankees have to pay additional taxes for their payroll which doesn't affect their players salaries any different.
  • Watch other prospects in the league. Although they change each year, they have had big eyes on several players on other teams, but after loosing the bid for some through free agency and through waivers, the Yankees dreams have dissipated - Maybe that's even good because some of these players they wanted so badly the next year didn't do so hot as these players aged including Cliff Lee, Bryan Wilson(who favored his beard more than the chance to play with Yankees themselves) and others.
  • The New York Yankees don't like players to have beards (mustaches are okay). There have been several players who have had to change their look to suit the image of the team.
  • Learn about the former announcer of the games at Yankee Stadium who passed away. Bob Sheppard had a distinctive voice that brought fans into the game in a way that only he could send out to the fan. Even after his death and until Derek Jeter retired, Derek Jeter had Sheppard's voice taped and played back when Jeter stepped into the batter's box at the Stadium. (The current announcer is Paul Olden[7].)
  • Learn about the baseball stations that broadcast the games in and near the team's state. Both Pix11(WPIX) and the YES(Yankees Entertainment and Sports) Network carry the games, along with national networks such as ESPN, Fox News and the MLB Network.
    • Recognize the radio stations that feature the games. Although there are some stations in WKXP-FM upstate New York that features the games, 770AM that features the games nearest the team in bordering New Jersey, Bronx and Manhattan and even into Long Island).


  • You don't have to be the world's biggest baseball fan (or even think so, as many of us do) to be a fan and like the team. If we were all diehard fans, without any medium or middle, it wouldn't be as much fun. You can just watch games without collecting the cards (although card collecting can be a very fun hobby), read the sports section without memorizing it, or love the players without knowing their favorite food and middle name.
  • You can't become a huge Yankee/baseball fan in one day. Be patient.
  • Be wary: true Yankees fans can tell who the true fans are and who the fake fans are. Try not to be a fake Yankees fan.

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