How to Be a New Student at a Private School

Okay so you just left your old Public School or moving from small private school to a bigger one and you don't know what to do to make friends or how to look. Or how about what accessories to wear? Well I have been through all of this. Here is a list I came up with to help you overcome your fear of private school.


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    If your school has a uniform, don't worry about how you look in it! At first, you may think you look weird or feel uncomfortable, but after a while, you'll get used to it.
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    If your school has no uniform, make sure you are up-to-date on THE latest fashion trends, accessories, etc! Private school girls generally care a lot about designer brands and fashion trends!
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    Be open to making friends. Even if you're feeling shy, uncertain and far from calm, try to project a sense of serenity and interest in others. Private schools can be daunting if you can only think about wealth and class. Put these aside and be open to everyone. After time, you'll sort out who is a meaningful friend and who is not, but always remain civil to everyone. There will be cliques, just like in any school, but they may just be looking for someone like you to join, so be receptive if they are the sort of friends you feel comfortable with.
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    Be open to talking with the teachers. Don't hold back from the teachers because you feel afraid or uncertain. If there are things you don't understand about the way the school works, the teachers can help and will possibly find your perspectives very refreshing. Be active in class and show the knowledge that you do have; don't try to be overly smart though, it never pays to raise your hand when you don't know the answer. Do the work and you will be fine.
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    Help the younger students. If you are combined with younger grades for some of your classes, let them know that you can help them. If you are boarding at the school, you might wish to offer some help after school hours to younger boarders or even to classmates of your own age.
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    Respect the age barrier. Older students naturally feel superior. The schooling system encourages this as it gives older students a sense of having achieved their position through study and steady rising through the school years. If you are combined with older grades for some of your classes, it is useful to try to make friends with them, but don't annoy them. Don't expect to be asked to participate in their school activities and out-of-hours events. Be patient, one day it will be your turn.
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    Join clubs or sports. In many schools, especially competitive ones, you are required to play some kind of sport. Make sure you pick a sport that you like, so you could have some experience. Even if you aren't skilled at a sport, you should still try your hardest. Joining a club is not required, but it is strongly recommended. Private schools usually have several clubs, and you should pick one that you really like, so you fit in with everyone else in the club. Clubs and sports are great ways to make friends, because they offer good meeting places outside of class, and unlike class, usually the kids there will have the same interests.
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    Enjoy the study. For the most part, private schools are very well stocked with amazing resources that often are denied to those in government-funded schools. It is likely you will have access to great computer equipment, excellent gym facilities, terrific library resources and well-maintained grounds to pass the time in. Make the most of these resources to find out what learning interests you most as you head towards deciding what field you will pursue in the future.


  • Make friends
  • Talk with the teachers
  • Don't go all out on your first day
  • Don't wear pants high
  • Don't completely untuck your shirt but untuck it so that the end is still in your pants or skirt a little.


  • Sometimes, private schools don't allow make-up. Make sure you know the rules.
  • Don't fiddle with the uniform. Make sure it is the right length, and you are wearing the right shoes, socks, etc.

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