How to Be a Mother's Helper

Here's a way to earn some extra cash: be a mother's helper. No, it is not a babysitter: a mother's helper basically babysits the child while the parent/guardian is home. The parent may be working, or lonely, or unstable, so they need someone to help out. Unlike a babysitter, the parent or guardian is in the house, so it is easier than being a babysitter because you can ask them questions or call them immediately when you need help.


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    Send out flyers to friends and family. This will let people know you are available. Make sure to include how many children you will take care at one time,what ages you will take care of,and what you are able and willing to do.
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    Bring a fun bag and a prize bag. The fun bag should include safe,fun and age-appropriate toys. it can also bring coloring books and crayons. The prize bag should have candy and other things kids like.
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    Be prepared. Even if the parent is there,you should have games and everything else ready.
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    Take responsibility. If the child gets hurt, don't blame it on them. The parents are more likely to hire you again if you're responsible than if you blame something on the child.
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    Be mature and patient. Ask them nicely to stop if they are misbehaving. Tell the parent how they behaved right before you leave. Don't be a tattle-tale, or the parents might not hire you again but still explain it in a nice way.


  • Ask the parent or guardian if the child has allergies! This is vital to know in case you need to avoid certain things or watch for reactions indication a problem.
  • Know what to do in situations. If the child has a minor cut or small burn you should be able to take care of it. However,if the child has a serious injury you should tell the parents.
  • Know if the child has any needs and or medicines.
  • It is good to know CPR because a child this young may choke on food or other things.
  • Make sure you charge a reasonable amount. If the charge is higher than $12 they might not want to pay you. If it is lower than $3 you might not want to work.
  • Some other good things to have in your fun bag;books they might like,puzzles,etc.
  • If you decide to charge a price for being a mother's helper, you can ask your parents what would a reasonable price would be.
  • Make sure you like the child. If you don't like him just tell the parent that you and the child are not a good fit. They'll understand.
  • If the child is under 3 make sure you are ready for it.
  • Beware of tantrums! If they aren't behaving,ask them nicely to stop.
  • Make sure you know where the first aid kit is.


  • Make sure they're allowed to have the food or candy BEFORE you give it to them.
  • Only get the parent if the child has misbehaved several times, they have injured themselves severely or if there is an emergency.

Things You'll Need

  • Fun Bag
  • Toys
  • Paper/coloring books and crayons
  • Puzzles
  • Prize Bag
  • Candy
  • Games to keep them occupied
  • Basic first aid

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