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How to Be a Mistress, the 1/3 Method

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Everybody hates the other woman, except the cheating man. Learn how to successfully manage a life with someone else's husband through the Law of 1/3's. The idea of contentment and satisfaction with less than half of the man you love.


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    Find an accessible meeting place. There is honestly no better place to have regular face-time with your man than close to his job. A man who's excuse to the wife will be "I'm working late" or the like, will undoubtedly be able to pull off the rouse if he's close by in case she calls or decides to stop by. If you don't already live close, consider finding a clean but inexpensive and discreet hotel room. This will cut down on the commute and mean more time together.
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    Get 2 pre-paid visas. The first big mistake married men make is that they use their own accounts to woo, wine, and wife the mistress. WRONG! Getting a refillable visa card will secure your personal information and allow you to purchase anything without detection. According to the law of 1/3's, he's obligated to pay for home, personal needs, like car, momma's bills, etc, then you. Having a man with no money to begin with will prove challenging, but for love, we work with the lower 1/3.
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    Know your job, know your place, know your man. This is critical. No happy husband NEEDS a mistress. To have a lasting relationship, you have to know your purpose. Realistically speaking, most cheating spouses are seeking sex, good sex, great sex. If you know your job, you can command and demand whatever. Does your man expect home cooked meals? Find out what he likes to eat by paying attention to what he orders when you're out. Ask him what he ate or more importantly what is his favorite dish his momma makes. Be ye warned, knowing your place means respecting #1. Don't mention his wife, don't compare yourself to her, don't press the issue about meeting his family and friends. The reason your relationship works, is because it's NOT his marriage! Needing to intermingle your friends and his friends and your family with his family shows your insecurity...NOT SEXY! Being happy with your 1/3 means knowing that regardless of where he is at any moment of any given day, your 1/3 is superior and you are where he'd rather be, who he'd rather be with, and what or who he'd rather be doing. *insert sinister smirk here...Lastly, know your man. WELL! Does he hate a talkative woman? shut up sometimes. Is he slightly insecure about his manhood, play it up! (LOL) A beer drinker? Have his faves in the fridge. A surprise visit after an argument with the wife or a hard day at work is forgotten when a man can come home to a well oiled back porch, a cold beer, and his favorite song. Your 1/3 will be so memorable, his visits will increase and the perks will be many, if you're truly in this for the man. If he'd rather have back rubs keep warmed oil on hand. If he likes to talk about his day, be a good listener. A mistress must also be a tigress... (ROARR) Research, observe, absorb, remember and regurgitate!
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    Be opposite, be you. Generally, no cheating man wants a woman just like his wife. If he sought you out, it's because you're different and that's what he likes. Don't try on another woman's panties. Even if they're your size, they never FIT. If his wife is older, continue being youthful and spirited. Don't starts wearing flowered hats and white usher-gloves. If he wanted Miss Jane Pittman, he'd be at home! If his wife is not the looker you are, then GET PRETTY WITH IT! Bring your A-game sexy, especially when you go out together. A man married to Mrs. Frumpenstein will definitely appreciate having the woman on his arm ogled by other men (Sexy-classy, not sexy-trashy). If you're the business, let him see the work. Embrace your role as the opposite, be confident, be you.
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    Be busy, be slightly unavailable. According to the law of 1/3 a man is never more interested than when he isn't chased. A wife who demands his attention at home, his single mom who needs yard work or car stuff done, these are obligations that supersede your needs or wants, however manipulation is a tool best used in place of the "gimme". If every time he calls, you rush to answer, well then why should he rush to call. A little mystery never hurt any relationship. Answering on the 3rd ring, or not answering at all, then calling right back, always tweaks the man's curiosity. Is there someone or something more important than his call, are there friends around? The last thing any cheating man can handle is reciprocation. You will be surprised how many follow-up calls or texts you receive after not answering the phone. You'll also see the 1/3 work it's way out in your favor too.
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    Be I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T! What is more sexy to a man that a girl who's got her own? A woman who's got her own. Wait, don't think I mean arrogant and cocky with the i-don't-need-no-man attitude. That will get you cut from the team. Just know that most men want to spoil their women; buy you pretty things, take you on trips, see you excited about what they do for you. Appreciation is your greatest weapon, but throw in a little sass. Every now and then, not often... Pay for dinner before you order. Excuse yourself to the restroom, catch the waiter and give him your card and a $20 tip, then ask him to start the tab. When you're about to leave and your man asks for the check, watch his face when the waiter says, "it's been taken care of". Don't gloat or make eye contact, just kiss him once the waiter walks away and say "thank you for being so good to me". Don't treat too often, this will impact the EGO we are stroking and cultivating.
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    Be vigilant, prepared. The fact is, most extra-marital relationships end, if the marriage doesn't first. Just be ready for anything. A man who wakes up and is overtaken by guilt may decide you're not worth-it. A man who finally gets out of the marriage he hated may not feel you're wife material when he's ready to jump that broom again. Being the transitional tramp is a difficult tag to wear, but that is why 1/3 is all he gets, too. Giving in to the temptation here, sometimes the relationship is solid and in time this man's goals may have changed. Where you were only a side-dish before, maybe you've moved up to main course and you get to keep the man you worked so hard for. If that is the case, stay the course, maintain your 1/3 for at least a year. Be ready to change your number at the drop of a hat,or purchase a PO Box for your mail. A jealous woman will often try to find you and a weak man will give you up, smooth. So, protect your assets, park your car at a friends house for a while, don't become predictable in your comings and goings, and deny, deny, deny. As much as women hate to admit it. We don't want our mommas' to know their daughters are home wrecking' hoe bags. So your man should never know 1/3 about you, of what you know about him. What he don't know, he can't tell (bad grammar works here).

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  • For so much as the man can walk away only slightly battered by your relationship, so should you be able to.
  • Set out your expectations and stick to them. Realize that there might be other mistresses and if you're not okay with that, let it be known... But don't forget he's cheating on his wife so might be cheating on you too.
  • Being so engrossed in a man with limitations, restrictions, and no real commitments is a means to disappointment and hurt. Give your man 1/3 of you, too. Occupy yourself with things you love and in the process you'll call less, text less, and be way more interesting.
  • According to the law of 1/3's his obligations are to home, work, and you. Stress and frustration at home leads him to work more, stress and frustration at work, leads him to you, and there had better be joy and peace with you, this makes him squeeze out more time from home and work to be with you a little more than 33% of the time
  • The most important person in any relationship is the giver, takers are dispensable...people usually think twice about giving up the giver.
  • The rule for the fool is to play it cool (got that from my dad).
  • A smart mistress will help her man invest her 1/3 and grow a nest egg for future endeavors.
  • Stroking is not only for sex! Practice manning the ego full time. A man who feels like the man, will act mannish!
  • Always register in your name and put the extra key in a safe place. Booking in advance will ensure you can pick the same room and weekdays are always cheaper
  • Make sure your man puts money on the pre-paid visas regularly, keep yours with you at all times and your man should keep his at work or taped under the brake pedal of his car.


  • Warning... I'm not suggesting you have other men or pretend to, just have other things to do.
  • A smart man will recognize overkill. Be subtle, don't toot your own horn, mention that you know he likes "__" or that you bought "__" just for him. This is a given.
  • Don't rush to be introduced to the family, everyone hates the home wrecker, even other UNDERCOVER home wreckers. Don't suddenly friend him on Facebook, send him love letters in the mail or other very desperate measures.
  • If the relationship ends sourly, without the other person's card, you can't show purchases or prove anything outside of the other person's activities. Smart mistresses buy both cards and always have the card info in their phones, for added security.

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