How to Be a Magnetic Therapy Practitioner

While magnetic therapy has been around for some time, it is slowly gaining acceptance in the mainstream due to magnetic field diagnostic techniques such as the MRI and treatment using electrical impulses. In Germany, magnetic devices can even be covered by medical insurance. Magnetic field therapy uses magnets and electromagnetic therapy devices to relieve pain, aid in healing and decrease the harmful effects of stress. Claims of the benefits range from dissolving kidney stones to stopping hallucinations or seizures. Individuals from alternative health practitioners to those with conventional medical backgrounds have trained to be a magnetic therapy practitioner.


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    Learn more about magnetic field therapy.
    • Magnetic fields are everywhere, including the human body.
    • Scientists have proven that external magnetic fields positively and negatively affect the human body.
    • Natural and artificial magnets produce static medical fields.
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    Explore career education and training options that apply to magnetic field therapy.
    • Magnetic therapy tends to be labeled as one of the energy healing therapies.
    • Alternative health or natural health programs are on the rise at stand-alone schools and those affiliated with traditional universities.
    • Online schools offer flexibility and interactive educational tools to students.
    • Look at degree and professional certification programs.
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    Evaluate your knowledge base in order to decide what type of program meets your needs.
    • If you already work in the medical field, you may decide to pursue a specific training program in magnetic field therapy. If you don't already work in medical or natural health areas, you might want to pursue a broader, long-term degree program at a naturopathic, acupuncture or chiropractic school.
    • Many alternative health practitioners use magnet therapy as one of many treatment tools in their practices.
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    Train in the proper use of a magnetometer, which determines the poles of a magnet.
    • Magnet strength is measured in Gauss or Tesla units.
    • The medical standard for naming poles in a magnet is opposite of what the industrial standard is.
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    Gain familiarity with other equipment that produces magnetic fields for treatment, such as those that treat arthritis and fractures.
    • Magnetic blankets are said to reduce stress and promote sleep.
    • Small disc magnets are used around the head to reduce physical and psychological symptoms.
    • Alternative health practitioners in Japan use tai-ki magnets to stimulate acupuncture points.
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    Study the two different types of magnet therapy applications.
    • Some magnetic therapy practitioners apply low-strength magnetic exposure to positive and negative poles.
    • Other magnetic therapy practitioners apply a stronger magnet to only the negative or north pole.


  • Enroll in an accredited alternative medicine program if you want to apply for government financial aid.

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