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Leather boys were popular in the 50's kind of like our greasers. Most were British but instead we'll Americanize it. They pretty much hung around cafes and raced motorcycles. This should show you how to reflect this style.


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    Get the hair right its part of a leather boy. Common styles are pomps and duck tails. Always carry a comb.
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    Buy a motorcycle strip down and customize it yourself to fit your needs. Most leather boys didn't wear helmets but if they did they open faced with aviator goggles and a bandanna. The bike has to be a new Harley Davidson bike.
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    You'll need a black leather jacket and pop the collar. Customize it with medals pins patches an all kinds of stuff like your name. Underneath is a white t shirt a vintage style shirt or a collard t shirt. For special occasions wear a bowling shirt and roll up the sleeves. If you can't afford leather just use a regular red jacket instead. Levi jeans are the legwear to use 501 is best they can blue or black. Cuff about an inch or so. And only wear engineer boots.
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    Listen to rock n roll nothing else


  • Don't hang with jocks squares and preps.
  • Give yourself a cool nickname.
  • Watch Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and the wild one for ideas.

Things You'll Need

  • A motorcycle hat
  • double mint gum
  • aviator shades
  • a switchblade

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