How to Be a Leading Lady

Every woman possesses the potential to be the leading lady in the 'movie' of life. In films, the Leading Lady often has poise, confidence, grace, and strength, it really depends what time of movie you watch. Mary Poppins and Alien both have Leading Ladies but are very different movies. Any woman may wish to be real, handle anything and believe that she deserves respect and love from a man. If you think this defines a leading lady in a movie, read these steps to act and behave this way.


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    Be confident in yourself! A leading lady believes that she is precious. She is a woman who is sure of herself and her decisions. This lady keeps her mind clear and focused. A Leading Lady knows her lines and what is going to happen next. Leading Ladies also get to, 'take 2', 'Take 3' and so on and so. If you want to be a leading lady, try to stay away from unpredictable situations and always know what you're going to say. Remember the only way you can be confident and know you can achieve anything is to know you are fully prepared to do it or draw on your experience of previous accomplishments. For example, you can't be confident you can pass your driving test if you never sat behind the wheel of a car, if you've had enough lessons and passed a mock test, you can be confident!
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    Be healthy! A leading lady takes care of herself and always looks right from 're role'. This means eating properly and eating healthy foods. Working out is important. Most importantly a leading lady has body respect. She knows that her curvy/tall/petite/skinny/voluptuous body is so sexy! Think of the leading ladies in your favourite movies, be they GI Jane, Pretty Woman or Monsters Ball, or anything else.
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    Be sexy: Leading Ladies possess confidence, and know how to turn a man on with not only their body, but also with their brain. That's right, some men like leading ladies because they are intelligent - they take pride in themselves, they love and care for others, and they are feminine, like Ripley in Alien, Carrie from Carrie and Carrie from Sex in the City. # Learn to act the part: Leading ladies dress differently! Say you are grabbing your morning cup of coffee at a Cafe before work. You spot this lovely woman carrying a baby, wearing a suit, and she exerts a certain confidence that shows she is happy with her life. She is a leading lady. You may also see a young artistic woman holding an art show for her paintings, she is a woman that is passionate about her career, and she is also a leading lady. Leading ladies are from all sorts of different career paths, relationship paths, and family paths.
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    Be happy: A happy woman is a lovely woman. Be happy and count your blessings. Be the leading lady in the movie that is your life. Get good costumes, great make up and most importantly, a great supporting cast!


  • If you are looking for a man, don't compromise. This means find a man that is nice and isn't out to hurt you. If you are in a relationship, and the man treats you well, then to him you are a leading lady.
  • Look for your passions and then release them! Work hard and do your best.
  • Single leading ladies: embrace being single and alive...there are always men, very nice men just around the corner (very likely you'll find a leading man, if you want to).


  • Never stay with a man who isn't nice to you and doesn't treat you like a leading lady, someone else will love you and treat you with respect
  • Don't ever be someone you aren't, the point of being a leading lady is realizing and embracing your inner feminine desires, joys, confidence, and lifestyle.

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