How to Be a Leader in Your Group

Almost everyone has a group of friends, whether it be 3 or 10, that they like to hang with. But very few, especially for girls, feel like they have a major say in where the group is going, what you're doing, and who to talk to. Whether you have a defined group of just a few people who you like to hang out with, this article will show you how to lead them.


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    Evaluate your group. Does your group consist of at least you and one other person? Good. Then you have a group.
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    See who's who. Is there already sort of a leader in your group? Someone who makes the decisions, who tell others what to do? Or is your group more all-for-one, meaning it makes the decisions, well, as a group. No one person decides. If so, this is the perfect chance for you to step in.
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    Start making decisions. When someone suggests to sit near the door at lunch, you say that sitting near the vending machines would be better. Start making little decisions like that, and eventually the group will just naturally look up to you as their leader.
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    Stand up for your group. If someone starts picking on a member of your group, stand up for them and defend your friend. Then people will see you as the one in charge. The brave one, the one who will stand up for what you believe in.
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    Organize things. Maybe you can make the invitations for your annual Easter egg hunt. Possibly the New Year's bash could be held at your house this year. Your birthday party should be the coolest ever. Organizing little things like this will make your group realize that you want to have a say in things, and you like to be in charge.
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    Start things. Are all the "popular" kids sporting brand new fancy perfectly coordinating clothes this year? Who cares? Maybe your group could wear jeans and hoodies every Friday. Or you could buy matching sneakers. Whatever you decide, start the trend and make it special to your group.
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    Be nice. Nobody wants to follow someone who's bossy and obnoxious. If your group is totally against something, every single member, don't try to fight it. But if there's a small debate about something, don't be afraid to give your input. Don't be snobby or bossy though, because then no one likes you and you'll probably lose your group.
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    Make memories. If whenever you hang out with somebody you always have an awesome story to tell, then more people will want to hangout with you. Causing you to become the leader.
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    Be social. Never turn down a chance to hang out with somebody. If they're in your group, you can turn it into a bonding experience, to make then like you more. And even if they aren't in your group, you can still get some gossip out of them, or even invite them into the group. Either way never turn down a chance to hang out with someone.


  • Don't get cocky. Leading doesn't mean you're bossy. Being bossy and snobby will result in your group disliking or abandoning you. So be a fair leader.
  • Don't get mad if bad gossip goes around about you. People are jealous, and don't make a big deal out of it. If you want, get a trustworthy friend or two, and form a trust circle. Make sure they tell you everything people say about you, and this way you'll have a couple friends who won't abandon you.

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