How to Be a Kawaii Girl

Three Parts:Having Kawaii AttitudeLooking KawaiiBeing Kawaii

Have you ever desired to be just like girls that look like the most innocent, adorable people on the planet? Read this article to learn how to be kawaii/ulzzang yourself!

Part 1
Having Kawaii Attitude

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    Don't worry about race and ethnicity––these don't matter. Even if you are not Asian, you can still be Kawaii. Being Kawaii is more than just about race.
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    Get the attitude. Kawaii girls have sweet, nice attitudes that everyone loves! They giggle a lot, are super kind to everyone around them, never pick fights, and are just pleasant to be around! Kawaii is all about being adorable, so find things that you like. Hello Kitty is super adorable and loved by many so that's a good place to start. Don't just get something because it is Kawaii, get it because you like it.

Part 2
Looking Kawaii

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    Get the look. Here's where the innocent, lovable image comes in. Kawaii girls dress in bright, frilly clothes that just scream "cute!". Think outfits like floral, childish/elegant, scalloped designs, patterned overalls, balloon shorts with bows, etc.
    • Go out shopping find the most adorable clothing you can find. Look for colour and cuteness, but, if you don't love and don't think it would look good on you, put it back. Don't buy something you don't like just because it is Kawaii.
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    Dress brightly and colorfully. Put lots of key chains and things like that on your backpack or purse. Kid robot has some Kawaii stuffed animals.Accessorize well and make sure your outfits look good together.
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    Do Kawaii makeup. Use black gel and/or liquid eyeliner, pink cream blush, sparkly pink lip gloss, and light concealer/foundation. You want a clean but innocent makeup look. For a good Kawaii makeup tutorial, I suggest watching Jemma Kuma's video on Kawaii makeup on YouTube.
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    Get your nails done. Look videos up on Youtube if you want a good idea for DIY ideas. Often Kawaii girls wear fake, long and accessorized nails. This might be too much for you, so you got to find out what suits to you. Neatly manicured nails are also good and can work in lots of looks.
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    Keep your eyes large as possible. In pictures, Kawaii girls always have eyes wide open. You can lay an ice-cold washcloth on your eyes for about five minutes, then apply some pearly eye shadow to under your eyes, on your crease. Big eyes are cute, but don't worry if your eyes aren't big.<brand>
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    Do Kawaii hair. For hair, think "young child." Pigtails, side ponytails, braids, anything you'd see on a student in elementary school. Don't forget to add bows!

Part 3
Being Kawaii

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    Be yourself. Add your own flair to the Kawaii style using whatever you like, and make the style your own.
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    Try watching anime. It is super fun and interesting and there is something for everyone. It's not all fighting and things like that! For example, try watching Peach Girl. It's great!
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    Surround yourself with friends, Kawaii or not. Really, labels don't matter at all. All that really matters is how much love and support you surround yourself with.
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    Have Kawaii role models. Look around online for great Kawaii women you can look up to. Make sure they make good decisions, are super nice and sweet, and use good language, because Kawaii girls never curse.


  • Use cute little smiley faces! Like this for example: {◕ ◡ ◕}. You can find lots and lots online!
  • If you just want to follow around people or be "cool" than don`t bother and just find your own style. I love this stuff before I even knew it was some sort of thing. If you do not enjoy these things then please don`t do this to yourself! If you just love the look, you can only follow that if you`d like.
  • Always have a positive attitude and smile more often.
  • If you want a couple good role models from anime you could try Wendy Marvell or Levi McGarden from the show Fairy Tail.


  • Even though you're Kawaii, do know that some people are still gonna hate, sadly. This isn't a fix for bad social situations. Just rock your style and ignore the people drinking Haterade!
  • Don't use "desu" after every sentence unless you want to be labeled as a poser.

Things You'll Need

  • Foundation/concealer
  • Eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Blush
  • Lip gloss/lipstick
  • Frilly clothing

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