How to Be a Hockey Girl

Hockey girls are a one in their own group. They are distinctive, athletic and fast. Are you one of them? Let's find out.


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    Learn to skate. Buy a pair of hockey skates and learn how to go fast and hard.
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    Attend a summer hockey camp. Learn the basics, and learn to play. Power skating is a good investment too for everyone because it teaches you how to skate properly so you can go fast with less effort. It's only available till Bantam so learn it while you can. Make friends here too, because you may meet them in the league and it will be a good action.
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    Join a hockey league. This is your time where you get to play. Attend all practices and games and you should get better, stronger, and your tactics will improve.
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    Raise your confidence. it's important to have confidence in hockey because the team may ridicule you, and you have to know yourself.
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    If you want to play with other girls, look for girls' teams or leagues in your area. You'll play with and against other girls. There's also no checking in girls' hockey, even at the Olympic level. However, do not assume that hockey is not a physical sport for girls; It is still hockey and you must be very aggressive and strong, especially if you make it to the Varsity or Collegiate level.
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    Don't be discouraged, though, if you enjoy playing boys' hockey, keep playing! It will teach you to be stronger, faster, and tougher. It can and has been done. If you want to learn about some famous Olympic women hockey players, read Cammi Granato's biography.
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    Let loose. You play the game as you feel the rush and enjoy. You may make it to the NHL! Remember everyone makes mistakes and it's easy to overreact. Never doubt your teammates and always believe in yourself! Happy playing!


  • Don't argue with the coaches or referees.
  • Don't doubt your teammates.
  • In girls hockey there is no fighting. You can get kicked from the team or suspended.


  • Make sure your equipment is up to date and the right size. You can get hurt easily if it is not.
  • Always stretch before games and practices. If you don't you may seriously hurt yourself. To make stretching fun, have your whole team do it with you, and every practice choose a teammate to lead the stretching.

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